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How to Power Devices in the Car with a Car Power Inverter

Last week we talked about how to get WIFI in the car. So now you have WIFI for your cross country road trip to only find that your laptop doesn’t stay charged for more than 6 hours!  Womp, sucky battery life.

car power inverter

What’s a mom to do? These kids will start screaming if they don’t have their Phineas and Ferb!

Fear not mama, you can just get a power outlet for your car! What is this power outlet you speak of? Do I need to call an electrician? NO SILLY! It’s quite simple actually, let me introduce you.

Car Power Inverter

You know that DC plug in your car? Yeah, that thing that your kid always wants to stick his finger into? Well all you need is to purchase a car power inverter and you will be well on your way to charging your laptop, blow drying your hair, making coffee and traveling with your fish and their aquarium all because of this blog post! OKAY, so I am kidding about most of those things. You’ll need to check the voltage of the device you are charging or powering and make sure is all kosher with the car power inverter that you bought.

Geeky Explaination:

Here’s the gist of what the car power inverter is doing — it’s converting DC power from a vehicle battery into AC power.

True Story:

We purchased a car power inverter years ago and never travel without one! My husband actually keeps one in his laptop bag – how GEEKY is THAT? Yeah, I think so too, but I heart you my geek husband. I can successfully blog from the road thanks to my handy dandy car power inverter!

car power inverter ac

Shopping Tip:

If you are in the market for one of these puppies, purchase it online. One of ours went out while on a road trip and had to make a stop at a big box store to purchase one. It was double the price of Amazon! Here is a nice Car Power Inverter for $29.00. Just think, that $29 is well spent if it means a nice quiet car ride!!!  Just saying….

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