Candytopia Dallas – You Won’t Want to Miss This SWEET Immersive Candy Experience

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Thanks to Candytopia Dallas for hosting us at their opening night party. We had a blast and know you will too! Here is our Candytopia review.

Candytopia Review

As a long time Willy Wonka fan, when I received an email invite for the Candytopia opening night party – I was intrigued. BUT WHAT WAS IT?! Let me tell you this, it was a TRIP. Here is our Candytopia review of the Dallas, TX location. We have also included a helpful FAQ to answer all of your questions about this immersive experience. 

Sensory Overload

From the minute you walk into Candytopia Dallas – every one of my senses were used. From the candy drops that hung from the trees, fun music that welcomes you into the experience – to the smell of candy in the air – talk about sensory overload. It was date night for my husband and I – and what a date night it was.

candytopia review

I will say, that if you are bringing a child that has sensory issues – you may want to bring headphones. The experience is loads of fun, but loud. I know for my son who has SSD, he would love this place – but with headphones.

What is Candytopia?

After posting several photos on Instagram last night, my messages blew up asking for more information and questions about WHAT IS CANDYTOPIA? This is how I explained it. It’s an immersive candy experience. Here is how I was introduced to it:

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of scoring a Golden Ticket or nibbling their way through Candyland, Candytopia transports guests to an imaginative confectionery wonderland with a one-of-a-kind immersive experience. 

This experience features over a dozen rooms and environments with larger-than-life interactive art installations and full sensory experiences. Be prepared to eat lots of sweets – each room features a chest full of candy for tasting.

What Do You Do?

You will walk thru a series of rooms, experiencing a different candy-filled environment in each room. Each room features a chest full of candy – make sure you grab a piece or two! From confetti to amazing photo ops, this place really does scream FUN.

Candy Art

The candy art in each room is what was just amazing to me. From creative uses of gummy bears to various forms of sugar, you will be amazed at the candy art! What I love about this place is they encourage you to touch everything.

candy art candytopia dallas

This is great for kids, because let’s face it – if you go somewhere they can’t touch, it will NOT be a fun experience. Just try to keep your kids from licking things. I could see this being a problem. Not kidding.

Confetti Everywhere

Also, I hope you like confetti. Our favorite room featured confetti bombs – non-stop. The good news, if you aren’t a fan – after the confetti room, there is an area that features blow dryers, similar to those used in a car wash!

confetti candytopia

They also have air compressors to help you get that confetti out of all of the places. (Just a warning, you will not get confetti out of all of the places. We have found confetti in the funniest spots in the house.)

Instagram Images – Perfect Place to Gram!

If you are into the GRAM – and looking for an amazing place for photos and Instagram images, this is the place. From the fun backgrounds to the CONFETTI – OMG, THE CONFETTI! This place is the best for photos! If my daughter were a senior, I would totally bring her here for senior photos. The colors are bright and the whole environment just screams FUN!

Where is Candytopia Dallas?

Candytopia Dallas is located at The Hill (The Hill, 8021 Walnut Hill Ln #2000). This is the former location of The Treehouse (yes, so sad to see The Treehouse Dallas close!)

How Much Are Candytopia Tickets?

Here are the Candytopia Dallas ticket prices. Something to note: Tickets must be purchased in advance and are expected to sell out quickly.

Adults: $30
Kids (4-12): $23
Kids (3 and under): Free

Click Here to Buy Tickets

Candytopia Coupons

Unfortunately, we have no seen any Candytopia coupons or discounts – but if we do find a coupon code, we will post them here!

Candytopia Hours

Don’t miss out on the candy fun! Here are the hours:

Monday-Saturday:  10:00 AM – 8:30 PM
Sunday: 11:00 AM – 8:30 PM

What Ages Are Best For Candytopia?

I would say any age from 2 to 90. Do know that if you get into the marshmallow pit – be prepared to feel your age. Getting out of the marshmallow pit was hilarious.  Also, I highly recommend that you get in the marshmallow put, it’s just like a ball pit with foam looking marshmallows.

Final Thoughts Our Our Dallas Candytopia Review

I hope this Dallas Candytopia review gives you the information you are looking for. If you are up for some fun, confetti and candy – buy your tickets now, as they do sell out quickly!

More Information on Candytopia

Candytopia features over a dozen rooms and environments with larger-than-life interactive art installations and full sensory experiences. The marshmallowy mini-theme park launched in 2018 in Santa Monica and has toured in San Francisco, New York, Minneapolis-St. Paul, and is currently operating locations in Atlanta, Dallas and Houston.

For more information, visit or follow along on social media:

Snapchat: TheCandytopia
Official hashtag: #Candytopia

The latest about Candytopia:

Our friends at Candytopia just let us know a few things that you will want to know about!

  1. GOOD NEWS! The Dallas Candytopia will remain open thru labor day weekend! If you haven’t had a chance to visit this Dallas attraction, it’s not too late!
  2. Candytopia is about to welcome it’s 1 MILLIONTH guest! In honor of this sweet occasion, the lucky guest who purchases the coveted ticket for one of Candytopia’s existing locations in Atlanta, Dallas or Houston will be showered in sugary bliss and receive many one-of-a-kind, mouthwatering treats.

Here is what the lucky winner will win:

  • A lifetime supply of Candytopia chocolate bars
  • A guaranteed family 4-pack of tickets to any Candytopia event, anywhere in the world for life
  • A goodie bag of Candytopia swag for all members of the ticket holder’s party will be presented on site the day of attendance
  • 1 customized, framed candy art featuring the family’s last name, created and signed by The Candy Queen, Jackie Sorkin
  • Win a year supply of America’s Favorite Marshmallows and receive 1 bag of Jet-Puffed Marshmallows per week for an entire year
  • A lifetime supply of Candy Club sent directly to your door every month! The package will include 6 jars of world-class premium candy containing your choice of sweets or sours


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