Candy Crush Striped Nails

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Are you obsessed with Candy Crush? If you are stuck playing the Candy Crush Saga app – you may just love this Pinterest find!

Candy Crush Nails

Candy Crush Striped Nails

Ha, you Candy Sugar addict you.  Don’ these look just like the candies??? If you have no idea what I am talking about – good for you! I dare you not to read about the most addicting app, ever… Candy Sugar Saga  – Do yourself a favor – and don’t start playing the game, and for the love of all things chocolate, do not hook the game up to Facbeook!

So despite my obsession with that stupid app, how cute are these striped nails?? The Nailasarus has done it again, this time with Candy Crush striped nails! Okay, well she just calls them Candy nails.

Learn what colors The Nailasaurus uses and her technique for creating this fun nail design!

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Just because your nails look like candy, this doesn’t give you permission to chew on them. I could only wish my nails looks this perfect when I did them!  Practice makes perfect? Maybe?

Tip: Did you know that there is nail striping tape? Obviously I am out of the nail loop because this stuff is too fun.

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