Candy Crush Movie Mocks Our Game App Addiction

If a Candy Crush movie existed, well it most likely would be pretty dumb – but that doesn’t mean millions wouldn’t watch it on YouTube.   YouTuber Ryan Higa knows the world’s obsession with the app and online. He has created a movie trailer for a fake Candy Crush movie and the YouTube views are staggering!

Candy Crush Movie Mocks the App Addiction

The Candy Crush app continues to be wildly popular, smashing records and friends filling up my Facebook stream with life requests. Hell, even my dad has requested lives from me. Sorry people, I still refuse to connect my Facebook account to the game to admit my addiction to the FB world.

Check out Higa’s video mocking the candy addiction…

Candy Crush Movie Trailer

It’s just a game, right? right…..  A game that takes over your life and will suck your bank account dry, 99 cents at a time if you let it. 

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