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Candace Payne – She WINS the Internet (and my vote for President)

You guys, Candace Payne. I can’t even with how awesome it is that the internet has produced something wonderful. With all of the political non-sense and plane crashes, online bullying and general yuck – who knew watching a video from CHEWBACCA MOM could be so down right up-lifting.

Candace Payne – Chewbacca Mom

Surely you have seen the video. You know, the one with the mom – sitting in her car – ALONE talking about returning items at Kohls and buying herself something that she will share but won’t let her kids keep. Then she proceeds to put on the most HILARIOUS Chewbacca mask and LAUGHS uncontrollably. Here it is – it’s worth the watch (i’ve only laughed and watched 10x.):

DO you see that view number? 143,700,345 views as of 5/24/16. The Chewbacca mom BROKE in the internet – well Facebook and is the most viewed Facebook video of all time – and get this, she just posted (via Facebook live) on May 19th! That’s only 5 days.

What does this kind of viewership say? Well a few things. One. I have yet to read a hateful message about Candace. I’m not looking for hate, but TYPICALLY in typical Facebook comment fashion – hate is apparent. Not with this chick. I keep seeing “I WANT TO BE FRIENDS WITH HER.” Second, as I mentioned before – we see negative stuff all the freaking time. To see someone who is just so real and authentic and can laugh like that – total win and what the internet needs more of.

I heard somewhere that when she was making the video, she saw her friends comments on Facebook Live and then kept seeing her reflection of the “happy Chewbacca” that made her laugh more and more.

Since releasing the video and rising to FACEBOOK FAME – Candace Payne has been well, everywhere.

Kohls Wins Big

Can we talk about how lucky Kohl’s is at the moment? She mentions doing a little shopping and returning at Kohls – Kohls can’t pay for this kind of publicity – so what do they do? They show up to Candace’s house with Chewbacca masks for everything as well as Star Wars toys – AND $2500 in Kohls gift cards. Smooth move Kohls! OF COURSE its on video:

Do you see that number? For a $3000 or so expense, Kohls racked up 32 MILLION views for themselves. This is a marketer’s dream. Candace is marketing gold.

Marketing Gold

That’s not it folks. Candace has been invited here there and well, everywhere.

She’s been on GMA:

And Facebook flew her out and gave her a Facebook plaque and had her cruising the Facebook campus with Chewbacca:

Chewbacca Mask

And let’s talk about the CHEWBACCA MASK Candace wore in her video – ridiculous. SOLD OUT everywhere, and where it’s not sold out – it’s tripled in price!

The cheapest price I see on Amazon at the moment -> $145! WHAT!?!?!

SO yes, I guess you could say that Candace Payne, Chewbacca Mom is winning the internet and the hearts of all that watch.

Candace Payne Chewbacca Mom

Thanks Candace, the internet-webs loves you, your infectious laugh and for bringing us a little bit of happy.

Chewbacca Mom for President



Sure, she probably isn’t qualified – but we would be happy and I’m not feeling any of the other Presidential candidates now a days.