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Sync Photos & Videos with CameraSync App Without iCloud

I don’t know about you, but my allotted free iCloud space is FULL and personally don’t care to pay any more money right now to Apple to upgrade. (Apple will most likely get my money in March when the iPad 3 comes out.)

Any who, I do want my videos and photos backed up. Personally, for online photo storage I use Flickr. I am a long time user and fan, though I know there are better ways and storage mechanisms for photo storage back ups.

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CameraSync App Review

I recently found an app – CameraSync which will back up all of my photos and videos to a variety of sites. I am loving that I now have all of my iPhone photos and videos automatically syncing to Flickr – into a private category.

camerasync app review

CameraSync allows you to upload all pictures & videos from your Camera Roll to your Dropbox, iDisk, FTP server, Amazon S3 bucket, Flickr account or account.

Do you regularly take photos on your iPhone and want to make sure they’re all backed up and always accessible? CameraSync has got you covered.

Tired of e-mailing photos and screenshots to yourself just to get them onto your computer? Tired of having to connect your iPhone to your computer just to get a couple of new photos? CameraSync will make sure they’re all ready & waiting for you.

Got an iPad with a Camera Connection Kit? Want to be able to upload the new photos you’ve taken on your camera from anywhere? CameraSync can do that for you too.

Background Uploading – with iOS4 multitasking, after starting the app CameraSync can upload your photos even in the background while you use other apps. It will even alert you when it’s done.

Zero Interaction Required – once you’ve setup your accounts, all you need to do is open CameraSync to keep your remote photos up to date. You don’t need to pick which photos to upload, or confirm the upload, or fiddle with settings – it just works!

Full Quality Uploads – CameraSync doesn’t compress or resize your photos & videos so they are uploaded in the full quality you took them in, no pixels left behind!

Smart Syncing – CameraSync remembers what it has uploaded so if you delete a remote file you don’t want anymore, it won’t just sync it again.

Retina Display Support – CameraSync fully supports the retina display with gorgeous high resolution graphics.

iPad Support – CameraSync can upload photos you’ve imported to your iPad using the iPad Camera Connection Kit,

Works with most third party photo taking or editing apps such as Hipstamatic and Camera+ – in fact it’ll work with any app that saves pictures or videos to the Camera Roll!

CameraSync requires location services to be enabled on your device, and to be allowed access to location services. This is because photos taken with iOS devices store the location in which they were taken.

CameraSync is a one way sync designed to sync photos & videos from your iOS device to various online services.

Download the CameraSync app