Caine’s Arcade – Who Needs Technology?

caines arcade

Caine’s Arcade – A Feel Good Story

As much of an advocate for technology and utilizing it to educate our children, I am hands down a fan of the simple brown box.

A few days ago I was forward a link to this video, Caine’s Arcade – that tells the story of a boy who is 9 and his imagination. In the last 4 days since it’s launch Caine’s Arcade has racked up over 2 MILLION views.

There are so many elements of feel good in this short film:

No Technology

Imagination, tape and boxes (well if you want to count a calculator) is what Caine used to create his arcade. Simple and old school. All while working with his dad. Who does that? I grew up working with my parents. I want my kids to do that!


The film maker, Nirvan noticed the boy and reached out. How often do we pass by the little things and are completely blind and unaware?

Social Good

This is where technology kicks in. Nirvan and the help of thousands have not only made Caine’s day in the film – but now there is over $100,000 in money for Caine to use for college because of the outreach of the internet. This boy of meager means will now have a future. I am sure there are naysayers, THERE ARE ALWAYS NAYSAYERS – but this little movement changed 1 life. By changing 1 life you can change the world for someone.

Learn More About Caine’s Arcade

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