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How to Bluetooth Enable Your Car Stereo

I love my SUV. I drive a Buick Enclave and there are only a few things that bother me. There are the seat tracks that get so filthy because I have 4 kids that love to shove things into them. And then there is the stereo. The model we bought didn’t come with a fancy stereo and I was fine with that. The vehicle was bluetooth enabled so I thought I’d easily be able to pair my smart phone with the stereo system. WRONG.

There’s this little AUX jack that I can run an audio cable from my iPhone to the stereo, but that’s just annoying. I wanted a simple clean solution for this annoyance, and thankfully I found it without even looking. Our friends at Kinivo wrote and asked if I would like to try their Kinivo BTC455 Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit. The device set out to fix my annoyances with my car audio system. I was game and was excited to try it. 

How to Bluetooth Enable Your Car Stereo

bluetooth enable car stereo

Here’s the deal, as long as you have an audio jack on your car stereo – you can easily turn it into a bluetooth system. Let’s talk about how to bluetooth enable you car stereo with the Kinivo hands-free car kit:

Here is the device:

Kinivo hands free car kit

There the bluetooth device (the circle thing) – it has a sticky pad on the back. Just smack it on to your car dash, right next to your radio. Plug in the car adapter and audio jack. BONUS! The car adapter has a USB jack so you can easily charge your phone while this device is plugged in.

Here it is in my car – taken in the dark (nothing beats a craptastic iPhone photo, right?)

kinivo hands-free bluetooth car kit

Here is a professional shot of how the device, looks and connects. I totally can’t take a photo like this in my car – well because my car is covered in toddler goo, yes – even the dashboard.

bluetooth car kit

Just simply pair your smart phone with the Kinivo hands-free bluetooth car kit and you are gold. You can be rocking to your 90’s Pandora station in no time. (Nirvana, I missed you!)

Another bonus, you can pair 2 devices with the Kinivo car kit – so whether my husband is driving, or myself – both phones are paired and immediately recognized when we get in the car.

For $45 you have upgraded your car stereo without having to deal with the hassle of crazy installation or several hundred dollars for a new system. Easy, peasy, right?

GEEK OUT: OH I found another fascinatingly geeky thing to do with this car kit. Plug it in, and put on your favorite game app. My favorite is the 2048 app. Your game will sound thru your audio system. Do you know how much this annoys the kids? I LOVE IT!  Who knew you could surround sound your apps! With this device you can. #winning

The Kinivo Bluetooth Hands-free Car Kit can be purchased at Amazon. 


Thursday 10th of July 2014

Duuuuuude. I need this! We also bought a car without the fancy upgraded stero, and we always talk about how we wish we had. This might be my solution!