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How To Track How Much Your Baby Eats While You Are Away – Meet BlueSmart mia

There are some things that I miss terribly now that my babies are grown. I miss their soft feet, that baby smell, dressing them up however I want with no complaints and unlimited snuggles. I could tolerate the sleeplessness because I am pretty much nocturnal, but do you know what I so don’t miss? The stress of feeding a baby. 

Four kids and you would think after the fourth baby, I would have the feeding the baby thing down. NOPE. I wasn’t able to breastfeed, despite trying with all four kids. Then, two of our kids experienced feeding issues. Our daughter was allergic to what felt like everything. Then our third child, he didn’t know how to stop eating. To top all of that – I worked outside of the home with three of of the four kids. While we were fortunate enough to trust our caretaker, I still had that mama bear worry.

  • Is my baby being fed on time?
  • How much is my baby eating?
  • Is the bottle the right temperature? 

The stress of baby feedings is so not something I miss stressing out about! Bad news for me, good news for you – technology has stepped in with an awesome way to track all of your baby feedings and more. 

While my baby days are sadly over, this March I can’t wait to welcome my newest nephew! This will be my sister’s first child and while I am here to walk her thru overcoming the first baby stresses, I am so glad to see a product that will help solve so many issues in regards to babies and their feeding schedules. 

Tracking How Much Your Baby Eats While You Are Away

Meet BlueSmart mia – a high-tech system that tracks and analyzes your baby’s feeding intake and consumption patterns. BlueSmart mia helps new parents make this journey a little bit easier. 

When my babes were babies, I’d pick the kids up and the caretaker would provide an info sheet that was a recap of the day with details such as: how much the baby slept, what the baby did and most important when, what and how much the baby ate. BlueSmart mia takes the feeding info to a whole new level, here is how. 

BlueSmart mia – Smart Baby Feeding System

The BlueSmart mia is a high-tech, WiFi- enabled smart sleeve that tracks and analyzes a baby’s feeding intake. No longer do you have to stress about not knowing how much your baby is eating. This smart baby device precisely measures the amount of milk consumed by your little one and alerts you and your baby’s caregivers in real-time.

bluesmart mia smart baby feeding system

Here’s how it works. The BlueSmart mia works with an easy-to-clean waterproof removable sleeve and a wireless charging pad that connect to the BlueSmart mia app. 

Smart Baby Feeding System

Here’s a complete list of what this smart feeding system provides:

Stay Connected Anytime, Anywhere

You will be able to stay connected to your baby’s feeding as your WIFI-enabled BlueSmart mia smart sleeve automatically syncs with the BlueSmart mia app on your smartphone at every meal.

Real-time Monitoring of Your Baby’s Feedings

Within the app, you will get real-time monitoring know the amount and temperature of feedings in real time.

Daily Tracking and Alerts

The daily tracking and alerts feature tracks your baby’s feedings over time to help spot patterns.

Gone are the papers that you would have to keep up with to keep any type of record of your baby’s feedings. Now, it’s all stored on the BlueSmart mia app!

Portion Measurement

Smart, scientific feeding ensure baby gets the right portion of food at the optimal temperature.

Journal and Share

Journal and share record milestones to share with pediatricians, caregivers and family within the app. 

This would have been amazing to have with our first baby. Baby Z was so tiny and colic. I was sleep deprived. The pediatrician would ask “how much is she eating?” and me in my half asleep state would just stare and give an answer that for sure made me feel like an idiot. I would have loved to have been able to show him my app with all of her feeding stats. 

bluesmart mia bottle

Temperature alert

BlueSmart mia tells you when your baby’s bottle’s reached optimal temperature.

Is the baby’s milk too hot? or too cold? Oh, this is bringing back memories. 

Motion Sensor for Proper Angle

The device offers motion sensor that can guide you, the parent and your baby’s caregivers on the proper angle to feed your little one.

Our first child was just 5.5 lbs when we brought her home. She was so tiny and we had no idea how to hold her and when I found out I would have to bottle feed, I remember the struggle on trying to find the best angle for her little mouth to get the formula. 

Feeding Timer

The app provides a feeding timer that measures how long it takes your baby to feed.

Our second child was such a slow eater (and still is!). This feature would be great to have known how long the caretaker actually fed our child for. 

Expiration Alert

The app also provides an expiration alert to inform parents and caregivers when milk should be discarded.

I remember falling asleep so many times in the middle of the night and would wake up not remembering how old a bottle was. Not an issue with the BlueSmart mia!

Color Options

bluesmart mia

The BlueSmart mia smart-sleeve fits most bottles and is currently available in pink and blue colors (with yellow and orange sleeves to appear on shelves in 2017)


The BlueSmart mia is available for pre-order on for a special, limited-time price of $119.00 (20% off the retail price) until January 15, 2017.

More Information

For more information on this new baby product, visit

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