Viral Video Done Right – OK GO (yes, again!)

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A few days ago, I received 2 emails forwarding the new OK GO – This To Shall Pass video. Their inital viral video sucked me into being a fan. This … Read more

Setting Boundaries with Kids and the Internet


Setting boundaries for your kids on the internet.

Words With Friends App – The New Game That Will Have You Obsessed in No Time!

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The Words with Friends app is my new obsession. I confessed, now can we just get back to playing the game? Words with Friends App Review Obsessed? Yes, maybe I … Read more

Digital Mom Review: Google Voice

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A few years ago I had signed up for a service called Grand Central. As with as it seems, all things web-nifty – Google scooped them up. Grand Central is … Read more

Fundraising With Social Media

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Are you Fundraising with Social Media? Tweets, blogs and Facebook are to be applauded for the success of the Red Cross’ successful fundraising campaign for Haiti. Fundraising With Social Media The … Read more