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  • autumn memes funny

    30 Best Autumn Memes for the Changing Season

    Fall into laughter with our funny Autumn Memes. Just in time for the equinox, enjoy memes about the changing season, leaves and all that Fall has to offer.

  • scary memes 2023

    Scary Memes and Spooky Things for Halloween 2023

    We are sharing the best scary memes and spooky things. As we enter the Halloween season, these funny and memes about scary things are perfect for sharing.

  • funny fall memes

    Funny Fall Memes 2023 to Celebrate the Autumn Season

    Funny Fall Memes – let’s roll into Autumn with some fun! From pumpkins to leaves to what we are wearing this fall, these memes about fall are ready to share!

  • abcnotes app review

    ABC Notes – App Review

    The ABC Notes app was introduced to me of all random places, Instagram! She keeps her to do list on her lock screen on the …

  • hollaback-girl

    Gwen Stafani Taught Me To Spell Bananas

    Random, but just curious – did Gwen Stefani teach you to spell bananas? (for some reason I always use to spell it bannanas) AND am …

  • baby

    Half Birthday – Zeke is 6 Months Old

    Celebrating a 6-month half birthday! Half Birthday Time! A half birthday, already? Somehow 6 months has passed since this happened. Zeke is 6 months old …

  • pinterest

    101 Things Pinterest Makes Me

    Pinterest made me do it. I don’t know about you, but this silly social networking site called Pinterest has changed my life. Seriously. I cook …

  • pinterest

    How to Use Pinterest App

    Pinterest releases an app! Our favorite website for all the ideas (we are self-admitted Pinterest Addicts) has an app. Well, an app for iOS. Not …

  • social media

    SmartShopper 301 – Device to Organize Your Grocery List

    We’ve come a long way baby. Voice activated grocery lists – this was such an interesting idea… in 2012. Talk about a throw back to …

  • best fake nails

    How to Paint Your Nails Like a Professional

    How to paint your nails – yes, please. I think I have admitted it here before, but the truth is I can’t paint my own …

  • cradle-cap

    How to Get Rid of Cradle Cap

    Looking for the best way to get rid of cradle cap? This was not on my list of to do’s to blog about until my …

  • angry-bird-memes

    5 Angry Birds Memes That Will Make You LOL

    Angry Birds Memes – of course, these were going to happen. The popularity of Angry Birds continues to somehow grow.  You would think people would …

  • gadgets

    iPad + Velcro

    iPad Velcro  – What happens when you take 2 of the world’s greatest inventions and put them together? Video extraordinaire Jesse Rosten created this cool …

  • app reviews

    Dude That’s Cool – New Game

    Yes, you are a hamster that will do whatever you can to get the goodies that are being held onto by your friends (who are …

  • best fake nails

    DIY French Tip Manicure

    DIY French Tip Manicure? It’s TOTALLY doable with this simple Pinterest hack. I love a good Pinterest hack and I love a good french tip …

  • baby

    A Magical Moment: The Birth of a Baby

    Today is the launch of Disney’s – Disney Baby website. As you may know I blog for Babble, which is owned by Disney. I was …

  • toddlers-getting-out-of-bed

    Inside a Toddler’s Brain

    How accurate this image of inside a toddler’s brain is.  Currently our house consists of 1 toddler, who isn’t even 2. While I typically don’t …

  • tweeze

    How to Tweeze Your Eyebrows

    File this under Mom Style. I don’t know about you, but when I swear I can FEEL when my eyebrows get hairy and out of …

  • app reviews

    Is Your Smart Phone Stressing You Out?

    Smart phone stress is real, yall. For the love of my iPhone. Since the first meeting of my iPhone, we had an instant love connection. …

  • geekery

    Star Wars and Food

    Sometimes you stumble across something so brilliant you have to stop whatever you are doing to share. This would be one of them. Especially since …

  • parenting

    What To Do With Your Old Maternity Clothes

    If your baby making days are over. Wait, if your baby HAVING days are over (I wouldn’t want to make you celibate, you can still …

  • technology

    My Love Hate Relationship With Photoshop

    Many years ago my husband bought me a gift – Adobe Photoshop. We’re talking a LONG time ago – 14 years. I remember there not …

  • drybar mom hair

    The Dry Bar Review

    Introducing the Dry Bar – get your hair shampoo’d, blow dried and styled. Have you heard of the drybar?  The concept is you go in, pay …

  • Angry Birds Invitations

    Free Printable Angry Birds Invitations

    Looking for a free Angry Birds invitations? Make your kid happy! Throw an Angry Birds party. This post originally was posted on January 11, 2011 …

  • having 4 kids

    10 Things I Have Learned From Having a Large Family

    So when we set out on this baby making journey, we always knew we wanted to have a large family, now here we are a …

  • app reviews

    Tasks N Todos Pro App Review

    Tasks N Todos Pro Tasks N Todos Pro is today’s Amazon’s Free Android App. Let this Android app help you with your new year’s resolutions! …

  • technology

    How to Transfer Domains from Go Daddy

    December 29 has been declared Dump Go Daddy Day.  After GoDaddy supported the SOPA Act – (Stop Online Piracy Act) – thousands of customers have …

  • technology

    Using Google Alerts

    Have you ever heard of Google Alerts? Google offers this nifty service that will update you via email anytime something hits the interwebs about a …

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