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birthday photos shot list

7 FUN Birthday Photos You Must Take!

We are talking picture taking, photography stuff today with birthday photos being the topic! Let’s look at what you should be shooting for a fun ... Read more
vehicle reviews

Zipping Around Town in the 2015 Mazda 3!

The last few weeks of 2014 were crazy. We hosted several rounds of Christmas, followed by a New Year’s Eve party. The kids were off ... Read more
app reviews

5 Things to Do NOW If You Get a New Smart Phone or Tablet

Did you receive a new smartphone or tablet? If so, this post is for YOU! Our kids received Android tablets and my daughter received a ... Read more
vehicle reviews

Crossover SUVs – The Best of Both a Car and SUV

Crossover SUVs – I am sure you have seen them, but have you ever drove one? I am all about SUVs. As a mom, I need ... Read more
digital kids

Fitness Trackers for Kids – Yay or Nay?

Continuing our series on Technology for Kids, today we are talking fitness trackers for kids. We all hear about it in the news, CHILDHOOD OBESITY. ... Read more
shark week crafts

7 Fun Ways to Celebrate Shark Week with Kids

Here are 7 ideas on activities and crafts to do with kids to celebrate shark week.
vehicle reviews

5 Tech Products to Keep Mom Sane in the Car

One of our family’s favorite things to do is to road trip. Actually, we love it so much – we’ve recently started a blog ... Read more
home office productivity

5 Products to Make Your Home Office More Productive

Stay productive in your home office with these 5 home office productivity tools.

Flappy Bird Tips and Tricks

So you downloaded it and now are trying to find cheats for the Flappy Bird app. This silly little app is wildly popular now and ... Read more

Toms Ballet Flats are Back!

Just in time for Spring fashion, Toms ballet flats are back and are cuter than ever!  While it looks liked Toms Ballet flats were discontinued, ... Read more
potty training signs

When to Start Potty Training – 5 Signs To Watch For

Ready or not, potty training is coming! Say goodbye to diapers by learning what the signs are to start potty training your toddler.

How to Paint Your Nails Ombre

Wanna learn how to paint your nails ombre? Ombre – yes, it’s still all the rage. The ombre trend that seem to start with hair ... Read more
moves app

A Fitbit Alternative – Moves iPhone App

Looking for an alternative to Fitbit?  Move over Fitbit – it looks like there is a new app in town that replaces you. Introducing the ... Read more

Make Your Own Bouncy Balls

What kid doesn’t like bouncy balls? Did you know you can make your own bouncy balls? My kids, from little to big could spend hours ... Read more
vehicle reviews

2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid Review

Digital Mom reviews the 2013 Ford C-MAX Hybrid. Find out how many miles per gallon it gets, the technology, MSRP, how many people it seats and more!

Toms Ballet Flats Discontinued – New Styles Ahead

The beloved Toms Ballet Flats appear to be discontinued. Just a year ago, we were singing the praises of these beloved shoes. In fact, they ... Read more
vine app review

Vine App by Twitter

That time Twitter released a video app that everyone loved. Introducing the Vine app, the prequel to TikTok.
treat app review

Never Forget To Send a Birthday Card Again – There’s an App For That

It’s time to play – there’s an app for that! Today’s app solves the age old problem of forgetting to mail birthday cards. I envy ... Read more

5 Inspirations for Moms Who Need a Pick Me Up!

Hey Mom – do you need a pick me up? What you need is a cheerleader! Since your kid is too busy playing in the ... Read more

5 Apple iPhone 5 Rumors That Are Buzzin’

So the Apple iPhone 5 is due out soon, we know that RIGHT? Well not exactly, but if history serves correct – Apple will release ... Read more
hate planning parties

Who Else Hates Planning Birthday Parties?

I hate planning birthday parties. For real. What once was something that I looked forward to (hello first birthday and smash cake!) Now anytime I ... Read more
How to Use Hot Rollers

How to Use Hot Rollers

Learn how to use hot rollers! Hot rollers and me have never been friends. They are like the girls you would love to know, but the ... Read more
growing out bangs hairstyle

Hair Styles for When Growing Out Bangs

Growing out bangs? Learn how to style your hair in the in-between stages and check out the latest in fake bangs! Yes, fake bangs people.
best fake nails

DIY French Tip Hack: Step-by-Step Manicure Guide

Are you eager to master the art of the French Tip Manicure right at home? Look no further; we have an ingenious DIY French Tip ... Read more
baby zeke 1 month old newborn baby

Dear Zeke – 1 Month Letter

Our fourth and final child Zeke turned 1 month and being the postpartum sentimental mama that I am (this may not last, I have 4 ... Read more

Ziosk in Chili’s Kept My Kids Quiet. Can I Get an AMEN?

A Ziosk is a tabletop, pay-on-demand and digital promotion tabletop devide. It's about 6 inches wide, has a volume control and an array of entertainment options - as well as the ability to pay whenever you want - and not have to wait around for your waiter.