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halloween phone wallpapers

51 Free Halloween iPhone Wallpaper For Your Spooky Aesthetic

Get your spooky aesthetic on with these Halloween iPhone wallpaper designs. Perfect for Halloween, theme your iPhone's wallpaper to match the season!
change iphone wallpaper instructions

How to Change Your iPhone Wallpaper in 30 Seconds

Learn how simple it is to change your iPhone wallpaper. Find new designs and photos to personalize your iPhone to your own aesthetic.
free dont touch my phone wallpapers

10 Awesome Dont Touch My Phone Wallpapers and Backgrounds

Put a Dont Touch My Phone Wallpaper on your phone. Sharing 10+ awesome designs to tell people to get off your phone and to not touch it with a phone background.
start a blog resources

Best Blogging Resources

If you want to start blogging or are looking for blogging resources – this is the post for you. We are celebrating year 11 here ... Read more
sciatic back pain

Sciatica Pain is the Worse Even More So Than Child Birth

When sciatic pain knocks mom down, what's a mother to do? The real life way this mom is treating sciatica and juggling kids.
instagram enneagram accounts

Best Enneagram Instagram Accounts

We are sharing the best Enneagram Instagram accounts to follow! If you are an Enneagram obsessed Instagram junkie like myself, then this post is for ... Read more
toys for boys gift guide

Cool Toys for Boys – Awesome Gift Ideas for Ages 6-15

Cool toys for boys because hello, Christmas is right around the corner! You guys, I don’t know what happened but I use to be THAT ... Read more
wings over dallas air show

Take the Family to the World War II Wings Over Dallas Air Show

This post is brought to you by Wings Over Dallas.Learn about the Wings Over Dallas Air Show and how to get discounted tickets! Dallas friends ... Read more
pete the cat gifts

Pete the Cat Gift Ideas: Perfect Gifts for Early Readers

From books to games to activities to apparel - here's a massive collection of Pete the Cat gift ideas for your young reader.
love does the unexpected

7 Ways to Show Unexpected Love

Learn 7 ways you can show up and show unexpected love.
how to make a kids snack board

How to Make a Kids Snack Board

I’m going to show you how to make a kids snack board, aka kids smorgasboard. With the kids home all day, chances are they want ... Read more
sharing our favorite podcasts for christians

Best Christian Podcasts

In our continuing series on Lent, today we are bringin you the Best Christian Podcasts We recently started a best podcasts series so thought a ... Read more

Best Leopard Print Shoes – Friday Favorites

On Digital Mom – Mom Style, it’s time for Friday Favorites and we are talking best leopard print shoes!  This week’s Friday Favorites include the ... Read more
photo of instant pot steel cut oats

How to Make Delicious Steel Cut Oats in the Instant Pot

Wake up to the warm, comforting aroma of perfectly cooked steel cut oats, ready to enjoy without any morning prep! This Instant Pot recipe simplifies your breakfast routine by doing all the work overnight.
thanksgiving sides instant pot recipes

Best Thanksgiving Side Dish Instant Pot Recipes

We are sharing the best Thanksgiving side dish Instant Pot recipes. From vegetables to traditional recipes to unique side dishes, you will find them here!
Thanksgiving Dinner Apps

10 Best Thanksgiving Dinner Apps To Help You Make The Perfect Meal

Thanksgiving dinner apps can help make sure your meal is PERFECT. This beloved holiday of gratitude and fabulous food is right around the corner. There ... Read more
cinnamon roll waffle recipe

Make Cinnamon Waffles in the Waffle Maker – Cinnamon Roll Waffles Recipe

You guys – cinnamon roll waffles made in the waffle maker will be your new breakfast go-to. This mom hack will have you making your ... Read more
mom jeans are back

Mom Jeans are a No No – This Didn’t Age Well

Mom jeans are a no no people! Digital Mom breaks down mom style. Watch the mom jeans SNL commercial and get ready to say no to the ugly jeans
work remotely

Work Remotely – Celebrating Work From Home Week

Do you work remotely? We are celebrating work from home week with a variety of topics centered around the remote workplace. How Many People Work ... Read more
back to school anxiety tips

5 Ways to Help With Back to School Anxiety – Tips and Resources

As school heads back into sessions, back to school anxiety can creep in. Here are 5 useful tips for parents and teachers to help an anxious kids relax.
magformers review

Magformers Review: Why Our Kids Love These Magnetic Building Toys

Have you heard of Magformers? We are sharing our Magformers review - learn all about these magnetic building toys that are durable and encourage creativity!
how to style wet hair

5 Ways to Style Wet Hair – Mom Style

Let’s look at ways to style wet hair. Wet hair is my game. I don’t have time to blow dry and I have massive amounts ... Read more
disney subscription box

Pley Disney Princess Subscription Box Unboxing and Review

We are unboxing and reviewing the Pley Disney Princess subscription box. If you have a Disney Princess fan in your house, you won't want to miss this!

A Parenting Fail Story About the Seesaw App

Digital Mom shares her experience with the Seesaw app, an app used by students, teachers and parents to share schoolwork.

The Lincoln Motor Company is Changing the Way You Purchase a Luxury Vehicle

The Lincoln Experience Center is a new car dealership model that is innovating how cars are purchased and serviced.

Toca Boca Hair Salon 3 App Review for Parents

Get the inside scoop on the Toca Boca Hair Salon 3 app with our detailed review. Find out what makes this game a favorite for kids and parents.

THE COOLEST TOY EVER – Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen Car Review

Sphero Ultimate Lightning McQueen is the coolest remote car toy you will ever see. It does donuts, drifts and he even talks! Read our full review with video

3D Printer For Kids – Yes, You Read That Right

3D Printer for Kids – you knew this was bound to happen! Just think of it this way. Originally, tablets and computers were made for ... Read more
station wagon comeback

Are Station Wagons Making a Comeback?

Station Wagons, just typing those 2 words bring back a flood of memories. The lady who picked me up for elementary school carpool drove a ... Read more

How Online Grocery Shopping Saved My Sanity and Saved Me Money

Online grocery shopping is the real deal people. Grocery shopping with kids? Just stab me now. I love my kids, cooking and shopping – but ... Read more
Toytota rav 4 review

2016 Toyota RAV4 SE AWD SUV Review

2016 Toyota RAV4 landed in my driveway earlier this summer, for me to test drive for a week so that I could let you know ... Read more

30 Day YouTube Kids Reading Challenge

Do your kids’ minds go dormant come summer? My kids just want to play on their tablets, or on Xbox or swim, anything that isn’t ... Read more
raising kids in the google age

5 Tips For Raising Kids in the Age of Google

Let’s talk¬†about raising kids and the internet. Now a days we are all Google this. Google that. Growing up pre-Google, if I wanted to find ... Read more

Best Toddler Bikes For Learning How To Ride a Bicycle

Looking for a toddler bike? or what about a balance bike? Do you have a little one that needs a bicycle or trying to learn ... Read more

The Oddities of Old Homes & What We Found in Our Barn

This new-to-us home is not new by any means. It’s 35 years old, built in 1980 by the original owner. We’ve always had either a ... Read more

Moving to the Country

I’ve had this dream for the last several years to settle my gypsy tendencies (I like to move, a lot) and buy our until retirement ... Read more

5 Tips for the Working Mom Who Travels

It’s been a while since I have had to travel for work. My last full-time job, I had to travel often. It was hell. I ... Read more
vehicle reviews

2016 Kia Sorento – A Pleasant Surprise

A big perk of my job is doing vehicle reviews so that you can hear from a mom’s perspective what I think of the car, truck ... Read more
birthday photos shot list

7 FUN Birthday Photos You Must Take!

We are talking picture taking, photography stuff today with birthday photos being the topic! Let’s look at what you should be shooting for a fun ... Read more
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