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    As a tech blogger, I am often asked about starting a blog. How do you start a blog? What do YOU use? But I am not a writer, can I still be a blogger? Yes, yes, yes, and let me show you how to blog.  Teaching others how to blog has become a passion of mine.  Here is a small list of the blogs I’ve helped get started.

    blogging resources

    Enough about that, you just want to know how to blog – or the blog resources that I use to blog. Here you go.

    Web Hosting Recommendation

    I recommend anyone just getting started to use Dreamhost. I host over numerous domains on Dreamhost for around $120 a year. Their interface is super easy to understand. Anyone just getting started in the WordPress game, I send there. If you are looking for web hosting for a migration from blogspot, Dreamhost is a great option. I have been a loyal customer for the last 5+ years.

    Digital Mom Blog receives a good deal of traffic needing a dedicated server. For Digital Mom Blog, I use WebSynthesis. It’s significantly more, but with the site traffic – I needed the power.

    Blogging Platform

    You can read my write up on How to Choose a Blogging Platform – but long story short, stick with WordPress self-hosted! It will offer you the most flexibility and support.

    WordPress Theme Recommendations

    I change themes like I do my hairstyle. Every once in a while I will find one I like, and it sticks.  My current theme is through ThemeForest. I was looking for a WordPress Magazine theme and couldn’t achieve what I wanted without a ton of custom code, which to be honest I wasn’t up for doing.

    When I typically build a blog, my framework of choice is Studio Press’ Genesis Framework. My favorite go to WordPress child theme to start blogs off is the News Theme

    canon 70dCamera

    I currently shoot with a Canon 70D (full review coming soon!)  This is my 4th Canon DSLR, and by far my favorite. If you are looking for an entry level DSLR camera, I recommend the Canon Rebel.

    Blogging 101

    An ongoing side project of mine is How to Blog Camp. As we aim to grow the content – we want to hear from you what you want to know about blogging.

    Questions? Leave a Comment!


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