Stream Phone to TV with the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player

Stream Phone to TV with the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player

Stream phone to TV – that’s right, whatever is on your phone – show on your television with the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player. But there’s more! In addition to streaming from your phone,  Chromecast also will stream from your computer. Let’s dive in and look at everything this streaming device has to offer. 

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Google Chromecast – Stream Phone to TV and More!

I don’t know about you, but I can’t tell you how many times that I am laying in bed and cruising Facebook and come across a stupid video that I need my husband to watch. The same situation with YouTube videos or funny memes, and so on. Tell me I’m not alone!

Stream Phone to TV

google chromecast stream to phone


With the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player – you can quickly stream phone to tv with just a tap! Stream your favorite entertainment on your TV from all of your family’s devices! But the phone isn’t the only thing you can stream from. 

Stream Computer to TV

The same goes with your computer, using Google Chrome and Chromecast. With just a click from the Chromecast extension -your computer content will cast to your television! 

Phone and television - how to stream from your phone to your tv

We’ve used this in multiple meetings and has been awesome. Rather than gathering around a small laptop screen, we just cast using Chromecast from the computer to the television screen! 

In addition to streaming from your phone and computer, you can also stream from your tablet to your TV, as well!

Google Chromecast Google Home Integration

Do you have a Google Home device? With both the Google Chromecast streaming media player and Google Home – you can just say what you want to watch from compatible apps and control your TV hands-free! Chromecast and Google Home work seamlessly together. (Google Home, Chromecast, and compatible content required to cast to a TV using Google Home.)

What is Compatible with Chromecast? 

Enjoy TV shows, movies, videos, songs, games, sports and more – here is what is compatible with Chromecast. 

Chromecast Apps

So what apps and games can you use with Chromecast? Good news, there are over 2000 apps that are compatible with Chromecast! 

Here are a few of our favorite Chromecast apps and Chromecast games and why we love them.

chromecast games apps

Google Home App – Integrate your Google Home device with Chromecast for an amazing hands-free TV experience. 

Netflix App – Watch the second season of Ozark (and the first, if you haven’t watched!) on Netflix streaming from your phone to TV. Netflix subscription required.

Hulu App– Please tell me you’ve watched all 3 seasons of Handmaid’s Tale on Hulu. I may have watched season 1 and 2, twice. Hulu subscription required.

YouTube App – Youtube because I am obsessed with watching all episodes of Casey Neistat’s life. It’s like a non-trashy reality show. 

Plex App – Did you know you can stream from your computer to your phone and then stream from your phone to Chromecast. It’s all with the Plex app and as complicated as that sounds, it’s actually very easy to do!

Chromecast Games

Tricky Titans App – Looking or a Chromecast game to play on your TV? Well this game is actually an app that is Chromecast compatible. Tricky Titans is a silly game (aren’t those THE best?) that the whole family will love. With 4 ogres determined to destroy each other’s town – you can get this on both iOS and Android. 

Just Dance Now App – Get moving and grooving with the Just Dance Now app and Chromecast!

Angry Birds Friends – Anyone who has been following us here at Digital Mom Blog for any length of time would know we love Angry Birds. Check out Angry Birds Friends, bonus it’s free!

Remember, there are over 2000 compatible apps! These are just a few of our faves. Check out all of the Chromecast apps and Chromecast games that are compatible here.

Upgrade Your TV For Less

Expand your home entertainment without buying a new TV. With Chromecast you can upgrade your TV for less.

Chromecast is an affordable add-on to your television and home network that gives you the features of a high-end television for $35! At this price, you can “upgrade” all of your televisions!

Chromecast Setup

After you purchase your Google Chromecast, you will be up and running in no time. Here is a simple step-by-step guide on how to use Google Chromecast. We’ll walk thru the Chromecast setup on your television, phone and the actual how to use Chromecast as well. 

Install Chromecast on Your TV

Let’s get started with Installation. How to install Google Chromecast on your TV. 

Plug in Chromecast to Your TV

Unpackage your Google Chromecast and then connect the USB power cable to your Chromecast device. Next, plug either the USB power cable into an open USB port on your television or into the included power adapter. If you use the power adapter, you will then need to plug in into a power outlet.

WiFi Network

All devices that you are wanting to use with the Chromecast – including the Chromecast will need to be on the SAME WiFi netowrk. 

Google Home App

Download the Google Home app on your mobile device, tablet and/or laptop – any device you will want to stream from. 

Setting up Chromecast – Final Steps

Google has put together a thorough explanation on how to setup Chromecast – click here. You will learn how to scan for Chromecast devices, make a connection and set permissions. 

How to Cast to Chromecast

There are multiple ways to cast to Chromecast. Here are handy links to get you started casting. 

Where to Buy

Learn more about Chromecast or purchase at Best Buy.

Work From Home Memes

Work From Home Memes

Work from Home Memes – because sharing memes is my love language. I mean come on, who doesn’t love a good LOL.

We are continuing our discussion of working remotely with a laugh. All good things in this world include laughter and working from home can provide lots of LOL opportunities. 

WFH Life

As a working mom, who WFH (works from home) – I know so well the laughable components that remote working can bring. From hiding in the closet to do conference calls because your kid is home sick, to putting a note on the door making sure that no one comes in to your home office because you are on a video call. These are the realities of that WFH life!

laugh emoji

WFH Laughs

I’ll never forget when I started working from home 15 years ago. My parents just did not understand how I could not go into an office and still be paid. It blew their minds that a company would allow such a thing. Now, it’s a total norm. Check out our latest post about working remotely and find out how many people are WFH now a days!

funny work from home memes

Let’s face it. Remote workers are everywhere – just walk into a Starbucks in the middle of the day, or see your neighbors taking a mid-day stroll. The remote workforce is alive and well, but you do have to admit it is laughable. I totally get the mid-day nap.

Just because you are working from home doesn’t mean you aren’t working. It most likely means, you are working MORE – though your hours are probably not the 8-5. 

Did you see we our work from home week giveaway?

tech bundle logitech giveaway perfect for the home office when working from home

We have partnered with Logitech and are giving away an awesome tech bundle full of Logitech products! Enter for your chance to win!

Funny Work From Home Memes 

Because I love a good meme. I am serious when I say memes are my love language. I’ve rounded up 40+ funny work from home memes that are meant for SHARING. Please send these to the WFH haters. It’s a great passive aggressive way to send a little LOL to a disgruntled co-worker who is stuck in the office. 

Haters will always hate, but these work at home memes are pretty hilarious if I do say so myself.

We’ve made it SUPER simple to share these funny memes on social. Just click to enlarge, choose the social network you want to share to and BOOM. LOL with the rest of the interwebs!

WFH Video

Share This With Your Co-Workers!

I hope these work from home memes put a smile on your face. Please share this post with your co-workers or fellow friends who think working from home is a joke. We know the realities and we can laugh at ourselves – in our underwear. That’s the great think about remote work – no pants, no shoes, no problem!

Best Tech Products for Working From Home

Best Tech Products for Working From Home

If you are a remote worker and work from home, check out these products for your remote workstation! 

Best Tech for Working From Home

Our friends at Logitech sent us over several products for the work from home worker to celebrate National Work From Home Week.

We’re reviewing these tech products that are perfect for the work at home worker, BONUS – Logitech is also giving these away to a Digital Mom Blog reader, so keep reading!

Keep reading and find out how you can enter to win this awesome Logitech Tech Bundle Package!

work from home tech logitech

Logitech 4K Pro Webcam

Logitech 4K pro webcam review

When working from home, video conferencing nowadays is a must. You want to make sure that you have a camera that is clear, shoots a good picture in low light. The Logitech 4k Pro Webcam does just that. 

The Logitech 4K Pro Webcam works with Mac, Windows 10, WIndows 8, WIndows Hello and is certified for Skype for Business.

Rightlight 3 with HDR

Make sure to watch our video review to get a glimpse of the Logitech 4K Pro Webcam in action. This webcam is amazing clear offering 1080p, full HD and visually crisp 720p (HD). From low light to direct sunlight, this webcam makes your shot look amazing. 

Camera Setting Application

With the camera setting application, you can adjust your field of view, zoom your video up to 5x, preview your video stream, change your background and much more. 

Ultra Secure Login 

Infrared sensor technology supports facial recognition for advanced security with Windows Hello or other facial recognition software applications. 

Logitech K780 Multi-Device Keyboard

Logitech k780 keyboard review

The Logitech K780 keyboard is a fully equipped keyboard that allows you to use for multiple devices. That’s right, you can use this keyboard for your computer, phone, and tablet!

Quiet Comfortable Typing

The K780 keyboard offers a comfortable typing experience. With large, concave crafted keys in a full-size and familiar layout (bonus, it has a keypad!) – this will be your favorite keyboard ever. 


Regardless of the operating system that you use, the Logitech K780 keyboard works with Windows, Mac, Android or iOS! Enjoy a familiar keyboard layout including your favorite hotkeys and shortcuts.

Keyboard Features

  • 24-month battery life
  • Dual connectivity
  • Bluetooth Smart technology
  • 10 m wireless range
  • Wireless encryption (128-bit)
  • On/off power switch
  • Battery light indicator

Logitech Anywhere 2S Mouse

Logitech MX anywhere 2s mouse review

This mouse isn’t your typical computer mouse. You can use with multi-devices, it offers a long battery life and much more. 

Darkfield High Precision Tracking

The Logitech Anywhere 2S mouse tracks on any surface, even glass – up to 4000 DPI. 

Fast Rechargeable Battery

The battery life is impressive, lasting up to 70 days on a full charge. 

Hyper-Fast Scrolling

Scroll through long documents or web pages with fast, precise navigation. 

Sculpted, Compact Shape

Crafted to fit your hand, the Logitech Anywhere 2S is a comfortable, portable mouse that provides the control you need. 

MX Sound

mx sound logitech


Perfect for anyone who telecommutes, these Logitech MX Sound bluetooth speakers are legit.

Each element of MX Sound has been meticulously selected from the high-end drivers to the premium fabric to the motion-activated back-lit controls to deliver superior audio in a beautiful design.

Listen via Bluetooth or a wired connection and seamlessly switch between them with the Logitech Easy-Switch feature. Enjoy an exceptional experience at your desk.

Logitech Giveaway

We’re giving away this amazing work from home tech package from Logitech and Digital Mom Blog. 

logitech technology giveaway

Here’s what the lucky winner will receive: 

  • Logitech 4K Pro Webcam (the world’s first high-definition webcam, making it easier to stay in touch with colleagues, no matter where you are)
  • MX Anywhere 2S (a powerful mouse that works seamlessly across three computers including navigating and copy-pasting between them)
  • MX SOUND (premium Bluetooth speakers for an exceptional audio experience at your desk)
  • Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard (a desktop keyboard that lets you easily switch between typing on your computer, tablet and/or phone)
  • A Logitech branded coffee tumbler

Enter For Your Chance to Win!

Logitech Tech Giveaway – WFH Week

Work Remotely – Celebrating Work From Home Week

Work Remotely – Celebrating Work From Home Week

Do you work remotely? We are celebrating work from home week with a variety of topics centered around the remote worker. Bonus: we’ve partnered with Logitech to offer an amazing work from home giveaway, stay tuned.

How Many People Work From Home?

Why a series on working from home? I personally have been a remote worker for the last 15+ years.

When I became a mom, I wanted to work but be able to spend time with my family. I made it happen, but if I wasn’t a remote worker our family life would look a lot different. 

work from home life tips for employees and employers

work remotely

work remotely

So… how many people work from home? 

43 percent of employed Americans say they spent at least some time working remotely. That stat is from early 2017, so I can only imagine it’s increased since. 

Moms Working From Home

As mentioned, I started to work remotely when I became a mom. I know from my circle of moms, working from home is a critical benefit that they are looking for when they are looking for a job. If not working from home – flexibility is a must for working moms. 

Best Work From Home Components

Here are 3 best work from home components for establishing a successful work from home relationship for both the employee – employer.

Creating Trust

As someone who managed several remote workers, I can say that one critical factor is being able to trust your employees. Trusting that you employees are doing their jobs, regardless if they are a mom, dad or whatever – is the most important quality in the manager – employee relationship.

work from home tips trust and communication employee and employer when work remotely

Gaining Trust

Gaining trust of your employer is a must to have a successful work from home job. To gain that trust, it means that if your kid is sick and you haven’t finished a project, you are working at night or early in the morning to get it done.

Giving Trust

As much as an employee needs to gain trust, a manager or supervisor (or executive) MUST give trust. I totally understand the reluctancy of having remote workers. That said, you have to give trust until it’s broken and then immediately address the situation. 


In addition to the giving trust and gaining trust aspect of working from home – communication is key for remote workers. Find a communication style that works best for your team and hold everyone accountable to communicating well. 

Work from Home Week

This week, Digital Mom Blog along with Logitech and several other companies are celebrating work from home week. There are so many benefits for both companies and remote workers, we are taking this week to look at various aspects of that work from home life. 

Here are the topics we are covering on Digital Mom Blog: 

  • Work from Home Memes
  • Work From Home Tips for Parents
  • Tech for Your Home Office 
  • Dreamy Home Office Ideas

Why Companies Should Consider Work from Home Employees

These stats and infographic from Logitech features several great reasons why every employer / companies should consider work from home employees.  This is a definite share if your employer is dragging their feet with allowing remote workers. 

WFM = work from home

logitech work from home stats infographic

WFH Benefits to Employees

  • Two-thirds of people want to work from home.
  • 80% of employees consider telework a job perk.
  • 36% would choose working from home over a pay raise.
  • Almost half of employees feel their commute is getting worse.
  • Over two-thirds of employers report increased productivity among their telecommuters.

WFH Benefits to Employers

  • 97% of employers say telework has a high impact on employee retention. 
  • Average real estate savings with full-time teleworkers is $10,000 per employee per year.
  • Expand the talent pool, more than 40% of employers are feeling the labor pinch.

Benefits to Our People and Planet

  • By eliminating their daily commute, employees saved an average of 90 minutes per day.
  • Creating an emissions savings of 60,389 kg CO2
  • That’s the carbon savings equivalent of driving 150,000 miles or 6+ times the circumference of the Earth.

Work From Home Necessities

  • High speed internet
  • Collaboration software
  • External webcam and headset for video calls
  • Laptop, external monitor, keyboard and mouse 

Check out these tips for successfully working from home. 

Work from Home Week Giveaway

We are excited to partner with Logitech in giving away this amazing Work from Home week package of tech goodies. Check out these amazing giveaways that Logitech will be giving to a Digital Mom Blog reader. 

logitech technology giveaway

Do You Work Remotely? 

Tell us, do you work remotely? 


7 Clever Ideas for Halloween Using Costume Shirts

7 Clever Ideas for Halloween Using Costume Shirts

Looking fro clever ideas for Halloween using costume shirts? We’ve got them! 

Costume Shirts – Best Thing Ever

So costume shirts are pretty much the best thing ever. Why? They are loss fuss, GREAT for kids, you can wear them all year long (even if they look weird, that makes them even better, right?) and they are comfortable.

7 pun costume shirt ideas

costume shirt ideas

Comfortable Costumes

You guys, 15+ years of Halloween costumes for kids – 4 different kids, I can tell you one thing. COMFORTABLE COSTUMES will make the entire Halloween trick or treat experience so much easier.

So definitely consider a costume shirt and finding ways to make it cute. Believe me, you will thank me later. As cute as that t-rex costume is, your kid won’t last 30 minutes in it. 

Halloween Costume Shirt Ideas

We’ve rounded up clever Halloween costume shirt ideas. These are costume ideas that require minimal effort, are cheap and did I mention clever? Let’s get to it, Halloween will be here soon enough!

Bonus – all of these costume shirts and Halloween costume accessories are available on Amazon. 

Ceiling Fan Costume

ceiling fan costume shirt ideas

Be a CEILING FAN for Halloween! Get it? How this for a pun costume? You are a FAN of the CEILING! 

Copy Cat Costume Idea

halloween copy cat costume shirt


Be a Copy Cat for Halloween. Be a Copy Cat for Halloween – see what I did there? This easy Halloween costume shirt idea involves just a few items – making it quick and easy. Oh, and this is a totally comfortable costume! WIN! 

Deviled Egg Costume



deviled egg costume shirt

Pun and fun with this Deviled Egg costume. This DIY outfit is super simple and so punny! Great KETO costume idea and so much better than being meat! 

Gift From God Costume

gift from god costume shirt





Are you a Gift From God? These hilarious costume shirts are perfect not just for Halloween, but any day. Use this as a couple costume idea – Gift From God to Women and a Gift From God to Men, sounds like a costume party win to me!

Green With Envy Costume


green with envy costume shirt

Green with Envy costume shirt is so simple and silly that its perfect. This simple and easy costume, is another pun that’s lots of fun. 

Salt and Pepper Couple Costume

salt pepper couple costume idea

Here’s another couple costume idea featuring just a shirt. Be Salt and Pepper! Are you a bit salty? You get the S, a little spicy – you can be P for pepper. 


Best IT Shirt- 404 Error

error 404 it costume shirt

ERROR 404 COSTUME NOT FOUND – this is the best IT shirt or really anyone having to deal with the web. We all know the dreaded 404 ERROR, might as well apply that to your Halloween costume. 

Perfect Costume for Office Attire

Another great thing about these costume shirts, these are perfect for wearing on Halloween to the office! Nothing TOO elaborate, but hilarious – sounds like a halloween win to me!

What is your favorite pun Halloween costume?