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BlissDom Conference

So BlissDom. You’re going RIGHT? RIGHT? RIGHT? You know that fabulous blogging conference for girlys held in January at the shweet Opryland hotel.

BlissDom Conference

January 26-28, 2011
Nashville, TN – Opryland Hotel

I hope so. I would love to squeeze your face. Well not really, but possibly.

ANYwho. I went last year and loved it. I should say.. last year I went 34 weeks pregnant and LOVED IT.  (the event not so  much the 34 weeks pregnant).

The one piece that I wish there was more of was the tools, tricks and short-cuts you can use while blogging. You know, those fabulous little plugins that make us WordPress users smile and giggle like a school girl? Yep, those.

SO, when the BlissDom team sent an email out asking what they should include in the 2011 event, I said exactly what I told you… shortcuts, tricks, cool plugins.

Then I got an email.

Hey, why don’t you join us on Wednesday for a workshop called Ultimate Toolkit and talk about these thing.

Uhm. I may have vomited. Just being honest here.

SO. Here is where the  I NEED YOUR HELP comes in.

I Need Your HELP!

Here is the workshop:

ultimate toolkit workshop at blissdom conference

Ultimate Toolkit: Tools, Resources, Tips

Everything you could Google and teach yourself if you had an extra 12 hours in every day but would rather just have someone show you in person.  Learn from social media leaders that have done the hard research and extensive experimenting for you.  This is your Ultimate Beginners Toolkit, packed with tools and tips to help you maintain your blog, understand what’s happening in there, interpret your resources, and communicate effectively with your readers.  Efficiency is the key!



  • What are you favorite plug ins?
  • What web service do you use, that you couldn’t live without?.
  • What is your favorite short-cut?
  • What would you tell a newbie blogger that they MUST use?

HELP! was that loud enough?