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Black Friday Haul 2016 – Yes, It Was Totally Worth It!

Black Friday Shopping Haul – that’s right, I admit it. I am a Black Friday Shopper. It started many years ago, when I was curious about the discounts. Do people REALLY save money? Is it as INSANE as it looks on the news? Yes and YES. But if you are wondering if it’s worth it, YES.

Black Friday Shopping Haul - An All Night Shopping Adventure GNO Style

You can watch my Black Friday haul above. We started at 10:30 pm, like a zombie – I made it back home at 11:00 am. Slept for 4 hours, then headed back out like a boss (or idiot!) 

Black Friday Shopping Haul with Friends

The annual Black Friday shopping trip consists of my sister, Betsy, friend, Mel and myself. We then hit various stores, shop, laugh, shop more, laugh more, get extremely exhausted, power up with coffee and then people think we are drunk because of our delirious state. All while shopping for Christmas and have a fun night with the gals. 

This year, we didn’t see too much drama. In year’s past – we’ve seen a few fights break out. This time, the closest we came to a fight was when a lady was trying to cut Mel off in line. Mel’s not a fighter – but the situation was pretty funny. 

24 weeks pregnant black friday shopping

This year, a few things were different. First – my sister Betsy is 24 weeks pregnant. 24 weeks pregnant and all night shopping. She is such a trooper – making it until 5:00 am. I have no idea how she drove the 20 minutes home my house (she wouldn’t let us take her home!) Thankfully, she didn’t wear these heels!

Second, we typically have a routine. This year – the malls we typically regular changed their hours. Rather than being open all night, the Dallas Galleria closed at 1:00 am and then the Allen Outlet Malls closed at 2:00 am. We found this out at 11:00 pm.

We were still able to find plenty of stores open all night to satisfy our Black Friday shopping habit, but did change up our plans quite a bit. And to be honest, probably saved us a lot of money. By the time we made it back to the Allen Outlet Mall at 6:00 am, we were dragging. 

All-in-all it was a great night, tons of bargains and lots of fun. I know the topic of Black Friday is one of controversy, but it’s a tradition now and honestly – if you love a good bargain, there is not better time to shop than the day after Thanksgiving!

Black Friday Shopping Haul

Here are a few of the tech haul items mentioned in the Black Friday haul video:

Anker 24W PowerDrive USB Car Charger

Logitech Wireless Keyboard and Mouse

Instapot – Electric Pressure Cooker

Just Dance 2017

Do you Black Friday shop? What was in your haul this year?