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BlabCake App: The Best Emoticon Messenger App

I was introduced to the free BlabCake app and told it was the next generation of emoticons in messaging. That word… EMOTICONS – I AM OBSESSED.  SO, I knew this is something I wanted to check out.

blabcake tween app

The Blabcake app is a free app available for both iOS and Android. You can login with a standard sign-in or with Facebook. Find your friends and start connecting. I downloaded the app for my phone and my daughter’s and gave it a whirl.

2020 Update – Blabcake app has since retired. Check out more APP REVIEWS on Digital Mom Blog!

Tween Messaging App

tween-appMy daughter, Z is 11-years-old. She doesn’t talk on the phone and if she could just text me rather than talk to me – she totally would. I knew right away she would love this app and while I intended to review this, the more we messaged – I realized I just needed to let her review. Tweens are going to LOVE this app.

Here is Z’s review of the Blabcake app:

I love the Blabcake app, it has emoticons – so it is totally for tweens. The Blabcake app is like texting, but more fun. It is way more fun than your average message app.

We tweens love emoticons. With this app you can dress them up into cute characters. I love how you can animate and interact with the emoticons by choosing “SuperBlabs”.  You can swipe and choose from things for your emoticon to do and to send to your friend.  To send the emoticons, the app shows you an action that you have to do in order for the emoticons to send to your friend. Like to send a unicorn, you have to shake your phone.

The app is really cool. It has cute characters. You can accessorize your characters, like make them look goofy. You can take pictures and send them to your friends. You can change the theme of the app.

As you can tell, she loves it. She’s already informed me that her friends are going to have to download it as well.

BlabCake App

BlabCake app is the next generation of emoticons in messaging. This app is bringing face to face interactions to digital text messaging  by leveraging sensors on smartphones.

blabcake app

The Blabcake app lets you high-five a friend a thousand miles away or turn someone into a cupcake. It’s totally cute and animates the whole text messaging experience. And did I mention it’s free?

BlabCake App Features:

· Free Texting With Your Friends
· Eye-popping Animated Messages
· Group Chat
· Physically Interact Via Smartphone Sensors
· Vivid Full-Screen Animations
· Notifications When Friends Interact With Your Berry
· Totally Customizable Berry Avatars
· 23 Different Animated Moods
· Tons of Berry Accessories
· Colorful Themes, Chat Bubbles & Berry Floors
· Share Photos

Unfortunately BlabCake is no longer available for download.