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Truth Talk – Bible Studies for Women Bore Me and How to Make Them More Engaging

Bible Studies Bore Me. I said it, I don’t regret it – just being honest.

Day 7 Lent – Today we are talking about bible study and boredom. Please tell me I’m not alone, but bible studies bore me. Maybe it’s the ADHD, the boring videos, the forced discussion, the tedious homework – I really am not sure, but I always find myself bored.

Before going all negative nelly on you about my distaste for traditional bible studies, I should say that I have met and grown friendship in bible studies – so that part has made it worth it.

I just keep trying to find more positives than that – but as much as I would like to say that a bible study has helped me grow my faith or relationship with Christ, well that would be a lie.

Bible Studies Not the Bible

I hate that I even feel like I have to clarify this, but alas here I am – clarifying this. I am not saying the bible is boring, just that a large majority of the bible studies that I’ve participated in are.

bible studies are boring

Bible Studies Bore Me

Let’s talk about this though, specifically speaking to bible studies for women, you know the kind put on in the church – yeah. About that. I know people mean well when scheduling and setting up women’s bible studies. I know it takes a lot of work.

Also, I know that you can’t please everyone, that said – there has to be a more engaging way to do these. The bible studies for women that I have been apart of typically have the same format.

Boring Bible Studies for Women

First, let’s watch a long video of someone talking. Second, let’s sit around a table and read thru the questions. If you are like me – you most likely didn’t do the homework so you have no idea any of the answers to the questions.

And since that video was so boring, you can’t really discuss the questions because you were too busy thinking about the cool wood palette wall and wondering how that would look as a feature wall in your house. (Did I mention that ADHD thing?)

5 Ways to Make a Bible Study More Engaging

Since I addressed the issue, I feel compelled to say that I know a lot of people enjoy the typical bible study. Good for you guys, that’s awesome – but maybe you are like me and want something different.

This past year my husband and I took over as leaders in our life group. We have a long way to go in the leadership realm but something I have stressed to my husband is that we CANNOT lead another boring bible study. While yes, I know our group isn’t just a bible study for women – but maybe a few of these points could help women’s bible study be a bit more engaging?

5 ways to make a bible study more engaging

Here are 5 things we’ve done to help eliminate the bore, and hopefully some ideas on making bible studies for women less of a bore.

Long Bible Readings

Yes, the bible is your tool for growing your faith. It’s our guidebook from God, but let’s just slow the 2 page out loud bible readings please. Find key points, encourage people to read and go back to certain passages. Just don’t make someone read out loud fo ran uncomfortable period of time.

Fellowship not Fakeness

Fellowship is a wonderful thing. Fakeness isn’t. The more you know the people in your bible study group – the more comfortable you will be asking and answering questions. Spend time growing relationships to build that connection so discussion becomes even more valuable.

bible studies for women

Create an environment that is full of fellowship and not fakeness.

Minimal Homework

People are busy. Yes, prioritizing God is a well duh – but still – let’s just not give people loads of homework and reading to do. I can tell you from personal experience, if you give lots of homework and someone doesn’t do it – there is a strong possibility that they will not show up for the study. If they do show up – there is a strong chance they will feel awkward when the subject of homework comes up. Keep it light, not an hour or more of homework.

Topics That The Group Wants to Do

It’s really hard to please everyone but you can please the majority. Find bible study topics that the group wants to do – or at least most of them.

Stop With the Boring Videos!

I wish I had an answer for solving the boring bible study video dilemma. Maybe make the videos less than 7 minutes? Include visuals, memes and other interesting things rather than a personal in the middle of Israel talking about the bible study.

Sorry Not Sorry But Kind of Sorry To Be So Negative

I really would like to cut the whole sorry bit out – you know apologizing for things you shouldn’t.

sorry not sorry

That said, I do know that bible studies have their purpose and led millions and billions and trillions – well you get my point. It’s led a lot of people to grow their faith in Christ. That said, times are a changing.

Time for a Change

Like the fact that the church is changing to become relevant to today, I feel there is plenty of opportunity for bible studies to do the same. Hey good news, if you don’t agree with me – there are PLENTY of traditional bible studies to participate it. But for me, I’d like to see something fresh and new. Like you, I want to grow and learn all that the bible has to offer – especially in regards to topics relevant to my life. I just can’t learn and grow when I am bored and want to poke my eyes out!

What are your thoughts? Do you enjoy traditional bible studies? What makes a bible study engaging to you? Leave a comment, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Day 7 of Lent

On the 7th day of Lent I was reminded what a blessing it is to be surrounded with friends that love you unconditionally.

Hair Day – Best Balayage Hair

best balayage hair 2019

photo credit: Amber at Skylight Salon

Today, I spent 3 hours in the chair with my therapist, aka Amber the hair magician. She does magic to my hair and always has the right words for life in general. Having her do my hair the last 7 years, we have become great friends inside and outside the salon. So glad she in my life, and so is my hair.

Magical Sister Power

magical sister power - sister walking in

After getting my hair did, I drove a block to say hi to my dad. Talking to him, I looked out the window and my sister (who doesn’t live anywhere near his office) pulled up. We have a weird psychotic twin-even-though-we-aren’t-twin ability to sync our minds and lives. This was just another example of our magical sister abilities.

Happy Birthday Bryce!

bryce and zowie - second birthday

Next up, it is my little nephew Bryce’s birthday. He turned a big 2 years old today. This little guy is such a gift and I just love him to pieces. The kids and I went over to my sister’s and gave him a few little birthday gifts. I think he approved.

Unexpected Night Out with Mel

Tonight, I was suppose to have a GNO with several friends and it kind of fell apart. I did have one friend who was left standing so we decided for just the two of us to go out for drinks. It’s amazing how therapeutic just sitting and talking can be, even when it’s mindless chitter chatter.

As I drove home, I got a text from my sister-in-law, she was dropping off beer. Ha! Yes, even blessed with free beer today, folks.

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See you tomorrow on day 8 of Lent.

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Be blessed, give grace and be kind.