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How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

The best way to remove nail polish is found on the internet, of course.  The old school way your mom showed you with scrubbing your nail polish off with nail polish remover and cotton balls will still work, but we’ve come across an easier way to do it!

how to remove gel nail polish

How To Remove Gel Nail Polish at Home

So it’s time to remove the gel nail polish but you don’t want to leave home or be harassed and upsold on getting another gel manicure. No worries! We are going to walk you thru a technique that has worked for us. It’s simple and will save you a trip to the nail salon – just remove the gel polish at home!

First, take a cotton round and cut it in half. 

cotton round

Next, take the nail polish remover and place it on the cotton round then over your fingernail. When trying to remove gel polish, we prefer Onyx gel nail polish remover. Be careful, the fumes from the gel nail polish remover can be overwhelming!

Let’s keep going! Next, place foil over the cotton round and your fingernail like such.

remove gel nail polish at home

You will repeat this step with all of your fingernails.

Now you wait. Sit and wait 5-7 minutes and then remove.

Gel Polish Removal

After you’ve waited, twist each foil wrapper off of your fingers. Your gel polish will be completely removed! It’s as easy as that. No scrubbing or scraping your fingernail polish. (I HATE scraping glitter nail polish!)

This is by far the easiest way I’ve found to remove gel polish!

Do You Have Another Trick for Removing Nail Polish? Share!

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