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The Best Way to Make Sure Kids Don’t See Their Gifts

christmas tree surpriseWhen we bought our home last year, I fell in love with the front room and proclaimed it “The Christmas Room”. It has a huge window for a big ol’ tree. The only thing I didn’t think about is the kids peeking down from the upstairs to see their gifts. (We tend to leave several gifts unwrapped on Christmas morning.)

Last Christmas, last minute, I had an idea and it worked. It’s now on it’s way to being another element into Christmas morning.

Wrap the Christmas Room

We take wrapping paper and wrap the stairs as high as possible. No PEEKING KIDS!!  They had a fun time breaking down the paper. They had no idea what was going on when they woke up. Funny enough, this also prevented them from waking us up at the butt crack of dawn.

NOTE: Last year, we moved into our home 3 weeks before Christmas and when we lit up our old tree – half the lights were out and most of our ornaments had broke in the move. My sweet friend Leslie had given me googley eyes for our tree – it may have been the ugliest tree we’ve ever had but we made it work.

wrap the stairs

Wrapping the Christmas room took a few rolls of wrapping paper, but turned out totally fun. From wall to wall, we taped the wrapping paper – shielding eyes from what lies behind it.

wrap christmas room

The kids had a blast tearing through the paper. I know, I’m a bad mom for making them take a photo outside the room – but they had fun tearing down the Christmas paper to get to their gifts!

kids christmas room

Looking forward to wrapping the stairs and the Christmas room tonight!!

Merry Christmas friends!

Wall Felt Christmas Tree and Felt Snowman
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