Best Stylus for the iPad

the best ipad stylus

Of all the styluses I’ve tried the best stylus for the iPad would have to be the BoxWave Capacitive Stylus.

3 Things That Make the BoxWave Capacitive Stylus the Best iPad Stylus

1. Stylus Width

The grip of it, feels like a pen.

2. Stylus Length

The short stylus’ are handy for storing, they also are easy to lose. When drawing the short ipad styluses just don’t do it for me.

3. The Headphone Jack Adapter

Having a headphone jack adapter will help keep you from losing your stylus.

You can purchase at Amazon – currently only $8.00!

Product Features

  • Works on all capacitive touch screens
  • Conveniently designed in pen form, perfect for carrying around
  • Durable construction
  • Perfect for cold days when you don’t want to remove your gloves

Not Just for the iPad!

The BoxWave Capacitive Stylus can be used with any touch screen, such as the iPhone or Amazon Kindle Fire or an Android tablet.

Improve Your Game

I swear, the stylus has upped my Draw Something game!

Purchase at Amazon


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  • Guest

    You should give the TruGlide stylus from LYNKtec a whirl… You might
    change your mind on what the best stylus is! 🙂 Personally speaking, I
    have tried several different styluses and have found that the TruGlide
    is the best and certainly my favorite. It has a really unique microfiber
    tip that is just all-around different and better than the usual rubber-tipped

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