Best Podcasts for Women


We are launching a best podcasts series because – hello I LOVE me some podcasts! Today’s round up is of the Best Podcasts for Women

Where are my podcast fans at? I love me a good podcast. Since I work at home, after my audible credits are up for the month – my next go to is podcasts. I have probably 10-15 that I regularly listen to.

Podcasts on the Lawn Mower

Random fact – in the spring and summer, I love mowing our lawn. A few years ago we moved to the country. We have 2 acres and with a zero turn mower, it’s actually fun and stress relieving to mow the law. Yes, I know it sounds nutty and no, it’s not some kind of ploy for my husband to get out of it. I really do enjoy it.

best podcasts for women

When you have a house full of 4 kids – it’s a wonderful thing seeing that when I mow the lawn, the kids can’t just go make the grass instantly grow back and mess it up (unlike the house cleaning situation!) Bonus – it’s the perfect time to listen to podcasts. So my lawn mowing season drastically increases how many podcasts I listen to. 

Best Podcasts for Women

Starting this best podcasts series off, we are talking BEST podcasts for WOMEN! GIRL POWER. Let’s dive in and look at our favorite listens. 

Best Podcasts for Women

Well there you have it. Our picks for Best Podcasts for Women. Stay tuned, next up – to go along with our Lent Experiment – we’ll be sharing our the Best Christian Podcasts.

Tell Us Your Favorite Podcasts!

Now it’s your turn to spill the beans. Tell us your favorite podcasts! I’m always looking for new shows to follow. Looking forward to hearing what you are listening to!

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