The Best iPhone 7 Cases and iPhone 7 Plus Cases Available Now!

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Apple iPhone 7 Cases – yes, that’s what we are talking about. The new Apple iPhone 7 was just announced. It goes on sales Friday, September 9th and is available September 16th, just a week later. While yes, the new iPhone IS waterproof – you still need to protect your investment. If you are spending $650+ on this new smartphone – spend the extra $20-$60 for an iPhone 7 case, please.

Updated! More iPhone 7 cases are coming out of the woodworks! Just posting the ones I recommend here, also check out which one I just bought…

The new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus have really upped their game from the iPhone 6. First and foremost – it’s WATERPROOF. Yes, if you’ve ever dropped your phone in the toilet – you will be happy to know the new iPhone is waterproof. Android users, I know Galaxy’s are too – yeah yeah, we are talking Apple. You will also find a much longer battery life, awesome 12mp camera, NO headphone jack – headphones work thru the lightning port OR bluetooth as well as many other upgrades. So, yes – you will have to buy a new case, your old iPhone 6 case will not do the job. We’ve rounded up the best iPhone 7 cases – keep reading.

Best iPhone 7 Cases and iPhone 7 Plus Cases

iphone 7 plus cases
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Let’s look at the best iPhone 7 Cases (yes, we’ve included iPhone 7 Plus Cases as well) currently available. As more come available, we’ll update this post to reflect the new cases.

Zizo Bolt Cover for the iPhone 7 
Also Available for 7 Plus

Best iPhone 7 Case - Zizo cover
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Learn more about the Zizo Bolt Case

This is the case I purchased for my new iPhone 7 plus. Here is what I loved about the Zizo Bolt cover (I’ll make sure to review it when I get both it and my new iPhone!)

  • Cool design, this isn’t your traditional blah blah blah – and since I like style BUT my main want is functionality (it MUST protect my phone!) – I thought this was a great compromise.
  • It comes in ORANGE. I love orange, but it also comes in Black, Green, Red, Blue, Camo Green, Gold, Gray, Rose Gold and White
  • This was another thing I really wanted – an included screen protector –> Zizo 9H Hardness 0.33mm Tempered Glass Screen Protector INCLUDED
  • It comes with a kickstand built into the case – this comes in super handy. I always tend to lose the clip, but it comes with one of those as well. (And yes, I totally will be losing my ear pods when I get those.)
  • Military Grade 810-G Drop Test Certified – so when my kid throws my phone down the stairs (it’s happened more times than I care to admit.)
  • Shock Absorbing and Impact Dispersion technology – or when my kids throws my phone any where else

Buy the Zizo 7 Plus Case:

Buy the Zizo 7 Case:

iBlason Defender iPhone 7 Case
Also Available for 7 Plus

iBlason Defender - Best iPhone 7 Cases from Digital Mom Blog
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Learn More About the iBlason Defender iPhone 7 Case

Why we like the iBlason Defender Case:

  • My husband used this case for his Galaxy 6 and loved it. When he sold his phone – it was FLAWLESS.
  • Rugged, Dual Layer Protective Case with Polycarbonate Hard Shell Exterior and Flexible TPU inner core protecting against sudden drops and falls
  • Protective front casing with built in bubble free screen protector enhances touch sensitivity
  • Hard back case clips into a side mount belt clip swivel holster for carrying convenience during work, travel or play
  • Available in multiple colors: Black, Blue, Green, Pink and White

Buy the iBlason Defender 7 Plus Case:

Buy the iBlason Defender 7 Case:

Maxboost Vibrance iPhone 7 Case

Learn More About the Maxboost iPhone 7 Case

Why we like the Maxboost case:

  • 360° PROTECTION – I have 4 kids that yes, I keep entertained with my phone. I need protection for my phone, not chancing it! This case includes a 4-side protection, covered corners and a raised edge to protect the screen for your iPhone 7.
  • This case has precise cutouts for speakers, charging ports, audio ports and buttons.
  • Soft interior to prevent scratches and tears on your iPhone 7 from day to day
  • Lifetime Case Warranty
  • Available in Rose, Champagne Gold, Turquoise, White

Buy the Maxboost Vibrance 7 PLUS Case

Buy the Maxboost Vibrance 7 Case

Spigen Card Holder iPhone 7 Case
Also Available for 7 Plus

Learn More About the Spigen Card Holder

Why We Like the Spigen Card Holder case:

  • It’s affordable – only $16.99!
  • It comes in PINK
  • Who needs a wallet? If you aren’t into Apple Pay, you can store your credit card, or ID in the case – how cool is that??
  • Absolute Protection = Dual Layers + Air Cushion Technology
  • Exterior card slot holds up to 3 cards
  • Shock-absorbing TPU interior + polycarbonate exterior
  • Minimal design is slimmer than wallets and sleek in appearance

Buy the Spigen Card Holder 7 PLUS Case

Buy the Spigen Card Holder 7 Case

Shiny Shadow Glitter iPhone 7 Case
Also Available for 7 Plus

Learn More About Shiny Shadow Glitter Case

Why we like the Shiny Shadow Glitter case:

  • GLITTER – dare I say more?
  • It comes in gradient Pink and gradient BLUE
  • Shiny Bling Sparkle 3 Layer case. Preferable Material & Exquisite Technology, elegant, Luxury and Fashional.
  • TPU Soft Shell (Outer) + Flash of Silver Film (Middle) + Transparent PC Frosted Shell (Inner)
  • Shock Absorption TPU Bumper, Polished TPU edge for smooth and secure gripping. Super durable.

Buy the Shiny Shadow Glitter 7 Plus Case:

Buy the Shiny Shadow Glitter 7 Case:

iFace Vent Car Mount Kickstand iPhone 7 Case
Also Available for 7 Plus

Learn More About iFace Vent Car Mount Kickstand Case

Why we like the iFace Vent Car Mount Kickstand case:

  • Not only is this a bumper case – this is an adjustable magnetic car mount (that’s right, you can snap the mount onto the air vent in your car – handsfree!)
  • Life Time Warranty! Dual Protection from flexible premium TPU and PC material
  • Duo Mount can be used as a kickstand offering 24 different viewing angles
  • This comes in these colors: ROSE PINKGRAY, CHAMPAGNE, WHITE, BLACK
Buy the iFace Vent Car Mount Kickstand case 7 Plus Case:

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