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Best Headphones for Running

Looking for the best headphones for running?  You look at me, and you don’t think runner. I could only wish I had the body of a runner – someday people, someday.

I actually love jogging, it’s just that I am so inconsistent maybe I should fix that because I totally need more things that I can just zone out and do.  When I run there are a few things that come with me….

Running with My Labradoodle

Meet Mister. He is a 6 month old Labradoodle. We’ve had him for 4 months and this week he finally learned to like the leash. While I would love to say he can walk on a leash – it’s more along the lines of … he can run on a leash. I got the run of my life the other night being led by this 40+ lb lug of hair.  This is him laughing after our outing. Not cool Mister, not cool.

My Toddlers

Occasionally I’ll have my toddlers – but I try to not have to bring them. I recently purchase a Schwinn double jogging stroller used so they could come along when needed. They love it – and their 60+ lbs does add to the workout.

My iPhone

Music is what keeps me and on pace. I crank up Pandora to Pink and then start C25k app –  I’ve been using the C25K app to keep me motivated.  I am only on week 3, but will give a review once I complete. So far I am loving it.

While I can totally run without the toddlers and the dog, I can’t be without my iPhone. Me and silence, just don’t work. Low and behold the Apple earpods that came with the iPhone 5 have gone missing.

While I liked those so much better than the cheap headphones I have now – I wanted to see what headphones for runners options are out there. Based on reviews, here are what people are rating as the best head phones to run with.

Best Headphones for Runners

the best earphones for running

MEElectronics M6-BK-MEE Sport Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones


With 4 out of 5 stars and 1,480 reviews – these headphones for running are affordable and noise-isolating, what kids? I can’t hear you.

[button color=”orange” link=”″]$16.99 on Amazon[/button]

Yurbuds Ironman Sport Earphones

yurbuds running headphones

These earphones provide a personalized fit and are guaranteed never to fall out!  Yurbuds are made of a medical grade silicon giving the Ironman Inspire an ultra-soft and comfortable fit, while allowing for sufficient ambient noise, so you always stay aware of your surroundings.

[button color=”orange” link=”″]$42.98 on Amazon[/button]

Arriva Leo Bluetooth Sports Headphone

arriva bluetooth headphones

I may have LOL’d when I saw these. Don’t they make this dude look robotic?  Well these Arriva Leo sports headphones are highly rated and mega bonus… they are bluetooth! That’s right bluetooth headphones = no cords to fight with. I would love to be able to just put my iphone in my pocket or on the stroller without the worry of cords while running.

[button color=”orange” link=”″]$74.98 on Amazon[/button]

Aftershokz AS300 Wraparound Sport Headphones

aftershokz running headphones

AfterShokz Sport headphones are lightweight, sweat and water resistant, and feature an in-line control and a standard 3.5mm connector that fits all smart phones, iPhones, iPods, iPads, and MP3 players, and a lifetime warranty. These don’t actually go in your ear, rather than sit outside of your ear so that you can hear your surroundings… hello honking car while you are running or neighbor talking to you and you have no idea what they are saying….  

[button color=”orange” link=”″]$38.99 on Amazon[/button]

Bose SIE2i Sport Headphones

bose sports headphones

Bose sport headphones – I know what you are thinking… expensive. Yes, they are. But I will say, anyone I know who owns Bose speakers raves about them. The sound is impeccable – and by the reviews of these Bose sport headphones – looks like these live up to the Bose brand.

These headphones come with a Reebok fitness armband to use with the headphones for an optimal workout music experience.

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What Headphones Do You Run With?

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