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Best Christian Books for Women (Says This Woman)

Today, we are sharing our picks for Best Christian Books for Women.

Lent Day 12 – We are working are way thru this Lent season with the Lent Experiment. 40 days of blogging about faith, lent and life as a Christ follower.

For years I worked in the Christian space for a Christian publisher. One of my favorite things about the job was all of the Christian books I was able to learn from.

While I admit, now a days – I am more of an Audible girl (ps, use my link here and you can get a free audio book!) – where I listen to my books rather than reading them – I do love a good book.

Best Christian Books for Women

My Favorite Christian Books for Women

So today, that’s what I am sharing my picks for Best Christian Books for Women. As mentioned, bible studies bore me – so you won’t find bible studies here – but these are great books for book clubs, dinner clubs and life groups. 

Best Christian Books for Women (Says This Woman)

Day 12 of Lent

Somehow we survived Spring Break last week. Yesterday was a refreshing day to just restart. I started the morning by cranking up Gungor and embracing whatever God had for me for a Monday.

Well, when I walked into the kitchen – it became apparent that what he had for me was a few hours of house cleaning. 

You make beautiful things out of dust
source: tumbler

Oh the irony of listening to Gungor’s Beautiful Things song. You make beautiful things, out of dust. In our house, that is so apparent. 

A week of 4 kids running amuck, throw in a birthday, a water leak and other chaos – let’s just say I was happy to finally sit down to a clean house, with candles lit and enjoy the silence that the house had been missing for a week. 

I hope you find a good read from my picks for best Christian Books for Women. These books have each fed my soul well, and hope they do the same for you. 

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Be blessed, give grace and be kind.