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Basecamp – Project Management Made Easy

Basecamp – have you heard of it? Let’s talk project management. First, a little story. As we close the year and a slew of new things are upon the digital team at work, I threw my hands in the air and said a quick little prayer for some help.Jesus must of been listening because a light appeared and my computer instantly typed Okay, just kidding – but in all seriousness 37 Signals project management application, Basecamp has made my life so much easier.

Basecamp for Project Management

| Basecamp - Project Management Made Easy

A few years back, I heard Jason Fried talk at SXSWi about 37 Signals. I loved the idea of what they were doing as a company. I followed the blog, but for some reason just never looked into the applications. Last week, in realizing how unproductive it was to be managing a few google doc spreadsheets – I asked the team to hop on board of a month long test of Basecamp to see if that would get us going.

Project Management

Week 1 was a success. What we are needing is task management as well as a collaboration point. The team is working on various project – some with rhyme and reason but for the most part each is a separate task requiring separate details. We have split the multiple functions that are normally performed into lists and then started plugging in the tasks as they come in.

As an added bonus, I can now easily print on 1 page without morphing 3 google doc spreadsheets into 1 to see what the team is working on – which is extremely helpful when in meetings and needing to prioritize.

If you are looking for an easy-to-do task management solution, most definately check out Basecamp.

If you want to drool over a company that thinks different & knows how to make small business work –  check out what Jason Fried has done with 37 Signals. His work philosophy is genius. Empower the employees, no (to minimal) meetings, and work your own hours. Love that.

| Basecamp - Project Management Made Easy

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Monday 21st of December 2009

LOVE Basecamp. Love Backpack too, one of their other organizational applications. I always start with the free version and then get sucked in...