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Back to School 2012

back to school 2012

This week our kids started back to school.

Back to School 2012

We now officially have a 2nd grader and 4th grader. After their first home not stuck in day care for the entire Summer, I would call their Summer vacation a success.  While we didn’t go on any major trips this year, we made the best of a few road trips and several outings. Next year when we aren’t trying to sell a house – will most definitely be better!

Fourth Grade

Z is starting the 4th grade. I have a 4th grader. This scares me.

fourth grader

She wanted a teacher so bad in 2nd grade and unfortunately didn’t get her.  The teacher moved for 4th grade this year and Z got her! She is over the moon!

Second Grade

E said his 2nd grade teacher is the sweetest teacher EVER! When I asked why, he responded – she gave me 3 pieces of candy! I am so glad we have 1 kid that is easy!

second grader

E was so excited to bring his teacher an apple, he wouldn’t put it down for photos. On innocence, please last – forever!

This is our annual photo – we started with the back to school signs last year. It actually helped a few times as I couldn’t remember when they actually started school!

The kids are excited to get back to school to see old friends and new. Even though we will hopefully be changing school fairly soon for the first time, they are great troopers.  I’m so proud of you Z & E and know this year will be fabulous, regardless of where we are!

back to school again 2012


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