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Back to School 101 Infographic

Back to School 101 – ALREADY? EEK! I guess so. My nephsons in Nashville start back to school August 1. Thankfully our kids don’t start until the end of August, so we have a wee bit more time to sleep in and enjoy the lazy days of summer.

back to school

Even though we have a month left until school start, I guess I should be getting back into the swing of things, you know like showering our kids regularly and making sure they have school clothes.

My friends at Plum District recently did a survey on moms and back to school. Here is what they found:

Moms Report – Back to School 101 Infographic

back to school 101

Are moms excited about their kids going back to school?

YES! 39% are excited 26% are relieved – I guess I fall into the 8% sad.

Do you plan to tuck a huggen note inot your kids’ bags or lunch?

57% say yes. Yes, I’m one of THOSE moms. And confession: I’m guilty of pre-printing notes ahead of time. My daughter reminds me when I don’t include a lunch note. “Mom, did you forget something.”

What first day of school tradition will you do this year?

64% front door photo shoot (that’s us)

35% sweet treat for lunch

33% walk to classroom

16% walk to bus stop

Who is most likely to cry on the first day of school?

54% say mom

TRUE OR FALSE: Summer is so exhausting that I’m secretly celebrating back-to-school when I’m able to get more rest:

70% FALSE – Summer is my favorite.

What is the BEST part of your day when your kid(s) are back in school?

37% dinner time

27% bedtime

26% noon

6% morning

5% after school

How will your kids get lunch on most days?

70% from home

20% school cafeteria

8% other

2% off campus

What kind of help would you wish for the most when the kids are back in school?

48% housekeeper

19% chef

14% tutor

10% chauffer

9% masseuse

Thanks Plum District! Interesting to see how other moms view back to school.

Back to School Resources: