Baby Stops Crying When Star Wars Theme Song is Played

Baby stops crying to star wars themeWhat if I told you a baby stops crying when music is played? Sure, some babies respond to music, or other noises (or if they are like mine, they just cry non-stop until I hold and feed them and then put them down for them to return crying… anywhoo…) Meet the ultimate geek baby. This kid is SO geek – it knows the Star Wars theme and stops crying when it’s played!

Baby Stops Crying When Star Wars Theme Song is Played

Some stuff, I just can’t make up. How hilarious is this! I so wish this would of shut my kids up, I mean that lovingly – I promise. We would of cranked up the surround sound and put this on repeat.  There is just something about the sound of a baby crying that makes me curl up into a fetal position and cry along with them. Somehow I managed to survive 4 kids that we once itsy bitsy babies, and 2 of them we went thru colic! I don’t wish that on anyone.

Do you have a magic way to get your baby to stop crying? 


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  • Nine Naturals Mom

    You could actually see the moment where the baby’s face changes from crying to calmness. I do wonder if the proximity of the phone and the baby’s ear is acceptable, or is that a cause of concern?

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