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If You Think Babies Are Expensive – Just Wait

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- blogSo with a 9, 7, 2 and 10 month old – we are broke. Well not exactly broke, we are blessed to have everything we have – but any additional funds that we use have before we had kids when we were DINKS (double income no kids), yeah, about that.

Babies are Expensive

With each baby, I always dread the first year. There is the cost of baby stuff, which fortunately we typically save and hand down to the next kid – but there is also things like diapers and formula that just add up. Plus if your baby is in childcare, the first 18 months or until your daycare identifies your baby as a toddler – typically the costs are higher (I’ve seen prices anywhere from $25 – $75 more a WEEK for infant child care). What can I say – babies are expensive.

But wait. Bad news.

While babies are expensive, these aren’t the most costly years! Our costs are just going to increase in the coming years. Read what years cost the most in raising a child.

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