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Awkward Introductions

So today I started my new gig on Toddler Times at Babble. Many moons ago when pregnant with baby #4, Babble asked me to blog Being Pregnant. Last year (almost a year ago *sniff* *sniff*), when Zeke was born – I moved from Being Pregnant to Baby’s First Year. And as the natural course of things would go, seeing Zeke is no longer in his first year **MAJOR CRY** – I am blogging about toddlers. Seeing I have 2 toddlers and blog about it here on Toddler Talk Tuesday, I guess it all makes perfect sense. Well, that’s dandy, right. But now it’s like working a new job, but it’s a blog. The blog has readers I have to do this introduction thing and am I the only one who does awkward introductions? 

meet the toddlers

I have a former co-worker and dear friend who is a ROCK STAR networker. So much so, I and another friend were in a hotel elevator early in the morning a thousand miles from home. We said hello to the lady in the elevator, noticing her shirt. My friend mentioned our network rock star friend went to that school. Low and behold – they knew each other well. OF COURSE. The stories I could tell how this woman knows everyone could go on for DAYS.  All that said, I would like to say, she has introduced me to many people and you know each of those introductions was smooth, easy and made sense. Me introducing myself to someone else? again… AWKWARD. 

Maybe it’s me, well hell – yes, it is me. Go ahead throw your therapy at me all you want. So anyways the point to my story? Oh.. yeah – here is my awkward introduction me introducing me is just weird.

If you want to be awkward (please, the world needs more of us) – introduce yourself!