Wine at the Perfect Temperature Makes All the Difference – Avalon Bay AB-WINE18S

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I love me some wine. I drink it regularly, but I am not a wine snob – until last week.  See, last week Avalon Bay sent me their 18 bottle wine cooler to review (It’s the Avalon Bay AB-WINE18S). A PERSONAL WINE COOLER?? HOW COOL IS THAT!

avalon bay wine cooler 18 bottles

We are in the beginning stages of packing things to move. We plan to put the house on the market (more on that later) in the next few months or else I know exactly where in the kitchen I would put this wine cooler. For now I’m keeping this baby in our laundry room for now. In our next house, we’ll be fitting it into a kitchen cabinet – until then – the laundry room works well as it often times is my hiding space away from the kids… shhh… don’t tell them please.

avalon bay wine cooler

So back to me being a wine snob…. NOW. Our refrigerator has a function to chill wine. I keep a few bottles in there, but honestly since that drawer can also keep vegetables fresh – the wine just tastes cold. Nothing special.

The first day we put my favorite Moscato into the wine cooler. It was a long day (we threw a birthday party) – and at the end of it, I was yelling “SOMEONE GET ME A GLASS OF WINE!” That my husband did and woah. It tasted amazing. Technically I read you should leave the bottle out 20 minutes before pouring (ain’t nobody got time for that.) I had no idea wine at the perfect temperature would be so, well perfect. I have a feeling that this is the beginning of my wine snobbery. That bottle of Moscato didn’t last long, I can tell you that!

The Avalon Bay wine cooler was a BREEZE to setup. The only thing I had to do, and by I – I mean my husband – was put the handle on the cooler. Other than that – we just plugged it in, put our white wine on the storage racks and we were ready to roll.

The particular wine cooler we received houses 18 bottles of wine, but Avalon Bay also offers a 12 bottle edition. I look forward to filling this cooler up (and drinking all the yummy wine as well!)

If you are looking for a gift for a wine lover, definitely check out the Avalon Bay Wine Cooler. It is reasonably priced and would make a great gift.

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  1. Great review Molly – I hope everything works out well with your move. One thing, be sure to read the manual, since it says that it shouldn’t be put in a cupboard. Maybe if you have enough space around it would fine. That’s exactly what I wanted to do, but it needed the space to breathe. I’ll be sharing your review! 🙂


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