What You Need to Know About Kiddle – The Kid Friendly Search Engine

Kiddle – the kid friendly search engine made it’s way around the Facebook mommy groups this past week. I love the idea of a kid-friendly ... Read more
family agile programming

Agile Programming for Your Family

Bruce Feiler introduces how agile programming can help family practices which encourage flexibility, constant feedback and accountability.
raising kids in the google age

5 Tips For Raising Kids in the Age of Google

Let’s talk about raising kids and the internet. Now a days we are all Google this. Google that. Growing up pre-Google, if I wanted to find ... Read more
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50 Fun Fitbit Memes About Fitness Exercise and Step Counts

Laugh your way to better health with Fitbit memes that poke fun at the highs and lows of fitness tracking, providing a dose of humor along your wellness journey.
what is minecraft

What is Minecraft? Stats and Facts

Minecraft explained. Learn what is Minecraft, who is playing it and how old kids should be to play Minecraft. We got the deets from digital mom!
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How to Throw a Minecraft Party Your Kids Will LOVE!

Let’s throw a Minecraft party! We are showing you all of our favorite tips to throw the best party for your gamer. Are your kids ... Read more

The Power of Moms Online

Do corporations REALLY understand the power of moms and the internet?
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15 Cute Macbook Pro Cases to Stylishly Protect Your Mac

Favorite Cute Macbook Pro Cases - find your next macbook case! These cute Apple Macbook Pro cases not only are stylish, they will also help you keep it safe!
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Fitbit Charge Review: Unveiling the Ultimate Fitness Tracker

Discover the ultimate fitness companion! Read our in-depth Fitbit Charge review to uncover the features, performance, and style of this popular fitness tracker. Find out if it's the perfect fitness gadget for your active lifestyle.

Netgear WiFi Range Extender – Extend Your WiFi!

Get rid of dead wifi spots with a Netgear WIFI range extender. Several months ago, we moved to the country, bought a fixer upper and ... Read more
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Best 7 Minute Workout Apps for iOS

Check out the best 7 minute workout apps. Get in your daily workout in under 10 minutes via your smart phone.
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Drobo Review: Ultimate Computer Storage Backup System

We are reviewing the Drobo file storage system. Never lose a photo again with this NAS file storage system.

Best Toddler Bikes For Learning How To Ride a Bicycle

Looking for a toddler bike? or what about a balance bike? Do you have a little one that needs a bicycle or trying to learn ... Read more
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Christmas Family Fun in Dallas: Dallas Arboretum

Looking for some Christmas family fun in Dallas? Check out the Dallas Arboretum! Gardens in the winter? At Christmas, the Dallas Arboretum pulls out all the ... Read more

Gift Idea: Selfie Toaster

What do you get the person who has everything? Well, I have the answer for that: a SELFIE TOASTER. That’s right people, this toaster will ... Read more
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HULU With No Commercials – It’s Worth The Upgrade!

Is Hulu with no commercials worth the upgrade? We think so! Here's why we are loving this streaming service now that we finally cut the cord, and ditched cable.
Amount of Screen Times

How Much Screen Time Should My Kid Have?

Wondering how much screen time your child should have? This digital mom sounds off on what she allows and doesn't allow with her 4 kids. 

Science Podcasts for Kids

I get emails all day everyday – to be honest, mostly from companies wanting me to promote (for free) things like toothpaste, baby food, toddler ... Read more
quick sand science project for kids

How to Make Quick Sand – Science Project for Kids

Let’s get sandy and learn how to make quick sand! Our friends at YouTube Kids and HooplaKidzLab sent us a kit full of ingredients for ... Read more

Meet Arlo – The Easy Setup Video Surveillance System

So here’s the deal. We moved to the country, we now have a few acres and something we’ve wanted to do is find a way ... Read more

The Joy of Dressing Boys – 7 Fall Fashion Staples For Boys

My 3 sons. I grew up watching that show, but never thought that I would grow up to have 3 sons of my own (and a daughter!) ... Read more
tech moderation

For the Love of Tech: Tech Moderation & Kids

I love my tech. I love that my kids love tech. I work in tech. My husband works in tech. The kids do the majority ... Read more
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5 Best Learn to Read Apps for Toddlers

We are sharing the best Learn to Read apps for toddlers. Help your kids get a head start on reading with these valuable education apps, engaging and fun!
iphone for kids

iPhone for Kids: 5 Good Reasons To Pick Apple vs Android

Why we chose the iPhone for kids when it came time to buy them a phone. An Apple iPhone vs Android comparison when its time to buy your kid a phone.

The Oddities of Old Homes & What We Found in Our Barn

This new-to-us home is not new by any means. It’s 35 years old, built in 1980 by the original owner. We’ve always had either a ... Read more

Moving to the Country

I’ve had this dream for the last several years to settle my gypsy tendencies (I like to move, a lot) and buy our until retirement ... Read more

5 Tips for the Working Mom Who Travels

It’s been a while since I have had to travel for work. My last full-time job, I had to travel often. It was hell. I ... Read more

Being a Tourist in San Francisco

As I had mentioned in my Further with Ford recap, last week I had the honor of attending this media event with Ford in San ... Read more

Touchjet Pond Projector – The Coolest Projector Ever

We get to review some pretty nifty tech stuff here at Digital Mom Blog, but this takes the cake. Let me introduce you to the ... Read more
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Best WiFi Hot Spot for Road Tripping

Digital Mom reviews the AT&T Velocity hotspot device allowing you to stay connected on roadtrips and beyond.

5 Tips for Buying Clothes For Kids

Winter clothes are just about too hot for us here in Texas, it’s time to wheel the crate of Summer clothes and figure out what ... Read more

Sling TV, I Love You

I mentioned back at CES (and in our post on things to know before you cut cable) a new product from Dish Network called Sling ... Read more
YouTube Kids App Review

YouTube Kids App Review

YouTube Kids App – what you need to know, why you will want to download this if your kids surf YouTube and how to download. ... Read more
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2016 Kia Sorento – A Pleasant Surprise

A big perk of my job is doing vehicle reviews so that you can hear from a mom’s perspective what I think of the car, truck ... Read more

Family Review: The Marvel Experience

Have you heard about The Marvel Experience? Our friends at The Marvel Experience invited us out to the opening weekend of their live event here in Dallas, ... Read more