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Ataribox Is Coming And Yes, The Kids Will Want It!

Ataribox – sound familiar? Yes, the old school Atari is making a comeback. Our kids could soon be bugging us to buy them an Atari – but don’t worry, this isn’t the Atari of the 80’s!

Launching this Fall on Indiegogo, the Ataribox is positioning itself as a PC like gaming experience, but it will come pre-loaded several of the old school Atari games that we grew up playing.  

Meet the Ataribox

Get ready for some old school Atari, well kind of. The Ataribox may feel like the Atari 2600 – but with a modern design. Get this, the team at Atari is making an Ataribox WOOD EDITION – which is made of real wood.


Ataribox Specs

Ataribox will be powered by an AMD customized processor, with Radeon Graphics technology. It’ll run Linux, with a customized, easy-to-use user interface. That said, Ataribox is also a full PC experience for the TV.

It will offer streaming, applications, social, browsing, music, and more. This device will let you play old school games that will come pre-loaded but is also set up to play new titles as well. The studio will soon be releasing more info on the new games soon.

Since most TV devices have closed systems and content stores – Linux will allow a more open system. You will be able to access and customise the OS, games you’ve bought from other content platforms and more.

How Much Is This Going To Cost Me

First and foremost, if you want to get in on this new Atari game action, you will want to pre-order on Indiegogo.

No launch date has been set for the Indiegogo campaign, but we hear that it will be very soon. We’ll make sure to share the news on social media when we get the green light that the pre-order is live.

The expected price range is $249-$299 – depending on what edition and memory configurations you order.

new ataribox by atari

When Does the Ataribox Ship?

The plan is to ship late Spring 2018, so yes – you will have to do some waiting.

You can join the waitlist now, but until the Ataribox launch, go ahead and order you that old school Atari shirt 🙂
Available at Amazonir?t=hustleandwow 20&l=li3&o=1&a=B072NZRRVG

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