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Apple TV Review

Apple TV – is it worth it? There is much debate on cable TV and satellite TV and why the majority of us are paying so much for these services that provide us with a ton of programming – which only a little we actually watch.

Update: We’ve been using our Apple TV now for over 2 years and still love it!

apple tv review

Google TV and Apple TV are on course to help stray our attention away from cable and satellite – and making our TV’s more computeristic – but on a larger screen and something we can do while sitting on the couch rather than behind a desk. While I don’t think we’re anywhere near completely removing this household from Satellite – I can see in the coming years not needing a service to provide us with television entertainment.

The Apple TV is TINY!

barbie meets apple tv

This thing is TINY.  Check out this photo of the Apple TV next to Barbie.  It’s 3.9 inches x 3.9 inches and only .9 inch high! This is great, because the last thing I want is my bedroom dresser to start looking like our kitchen counters, scattered with random appliances!

Apple TV is Affordable

For an Apple product – the Apple TV is cheap! Just $99.

What Does Apple TV Do?

Stream movies, TV shows, photos, music and more

The Apple TV is brilliant at turning your television into an iTunes media center.  Anything that you can listen to or watch on iTunes – you can run thru your television and entertainment centerr with Apple TV.

Instant movie and TV show rental

Forget running to Redbox or dare I say Blockbuster – you can rent movies and TV shows directly from Apple TV. Movies start at $2.99 for standard definition and $3.99 for HD. TV shows start at 99 cents.

Stream Netflix

If you have the basic Netflix online streaming account – just type your credentials into your Apple TV and enjoy!

View Flickr Photos, YouTube Videos and Access Your MobileMe Account

Easy navigation allows you to view Flickr photos, View YouTube videos  and whatever media you have on your MobileMe account.

Control via the Apple remote (included), the free Remote app for Apple iPad, iPod touch or iPhone. OR use AirPlay and stream from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

While we utilize our Play Station 3 for our media center – streaming from our PC – we needed a solution for our bedroom. Yes, I am one of THOSE people who watches TV in bed. Apple TV has worked perfect in enabling us to view content off of iTunes as well as Netflix video

About Apple AirPlay

I keep reading AIRPLAY – curious to what this is? Stream from your Apple devices!

Final Thoughts – The Good. The Bad. The Reality.

While I definitely think Apple TV is a step in the right direction – this is just the beginning.

The Good

The Apple TV provides easy viewing of Netflix videos, purchasing of TV shows, and listening to music for an affordable price.

The Bad

Even though Apple has attempted Apple TV before – I can see this product continuing to evolve.  I would love to see app support. How fun would it be to play Angry Birds  or Words with Friends via this device!?! Not quite yet. The ability to surf the web would also be useful.

The Reality

We’ve had this for a month now and have used it regularly a few times a week.  Not an everyday use but definitely isn’t collecting dust bunnies! This is only the beginning. Looking forward to seeing what the future holds.

Make your TV a smart TV with the Apple TV.