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3 Things Apple Can Do To Make Parents Want to Buy Kids Their Products

Kids and technology series is continuing with a post on how Apple is MISSING OUT BIG TIME with the parent market.

Apple, I love you. I seriously do – but let’s talk about what you are TOTALLY missing the boat on…. KIDS. I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to capture this segment NOW. If you did, kids wouldgrow up loving you and your product. I mean, I know that kids are given iPads and iPod Touches and iPhones…. and I KNOW there are Macbooks in schools – but want to sell more Apple products? Make parents love your product because of the parental control features you are offering.

I have spent thousands on Apple products for me and typically pass down to my kids. Want me to buy Apple just for my kids, here are some ideas that would make me do just that.

3 Things Apple Can Do To Make Parents Want to Buy Kids Their Products

Apple Can Do To Make Parents Want to Buy Their Product For Kids

Yes, there is family share – where families can now share an Apple account. That’s great – but what I really want to see is parental controls where

Turn Off iPad Remotely

I would love to be able to turn off the iPad remotely from my iPhone. If I could do that, my toddler wouldn’t hate me, he would just think it’s the battery and I wouldn’t have to wrestle the device away from him.

Screen Time Limits

I believe Samsung’s Galaxy line features this – but Apple, I want the ability to say “Izaiah can only play for 30 minutes.” and then after 30 minutes, it turns off. Yes, I know there are apps with timers – but yeah good luck with that as my kid will happily move on to another app.


I saw the latest bend gate video and all I could think about was how every iPad Air 2 should come with an Otterbox. My toddler would snap the new iPad mini in no time. Take a lead from Amazon’s Fire HD for kids and give a warranty on your device – if it breaks you replace it.

Yes, of course – more affordable prices would be fabulous – but if Apple would just target more to the younger demographic – I KNOW parents would pay.

What Kid Friendly Things Would You Like Apple To Introduce?