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Apple Lion OS X and Multiple Paypal Charges

Finally I had a few minutes to night to start downloading Apple’s latest OS X Lion. I started the download, and went on my merry way playing with the kiddos. An hour or so later, my phone starts dinging like mad with the email chime going off. I look down to find that Paypal has charged me 7x for my Apple Lion OS X purchase!

I went to – logged on to start the complaint process By the time I went to find my Paypal ID, I was refunded. After searching the web, some people were charged up to 15x!

Apparently some weird Apple App Store glitch in regards to Paypal payments, just happy these were refunded without issue.

Paypal and iTunes glitch charges me 7 times

Paypal and iTunes glitch charges me 7 times

Ethan Wolden

Thursday 2nd of February 2012

Woh I love your articles , saved to bookmarks ! .


Saturday 28th of January 2012

I can't believe Paypal and Apple! What the hell


Thursday 28th of July 2011

iTunes have some major billing issues anyhow, I'm still in the throes of arguing with them about the fact that they keep requesting (but happily never taking) £6.76 out of my now closed card account. it's now late July and they've been doing it 30+ times a day since MARCH! they keep shouting card fraud, but the bank have told them categorically this isn't in keeping with any card fraud they've ever seen and is far more likely to be an automated card billing issue. iTunes can't track the problem down. I buy everything with a gift card now, not ideal, but it works.


Wednesday 27th of July 2011

I was charged twice and was immediately refunded the extra charge.

Digital Mom Blog

Wednesday 27th of July 2011

We still have 4 outstanding charges. SO frustrating!