Upgrading from the Apple iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 Plus

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I typically upgrade iPhones every 2 years – and this was the year for me to upgrade. Listen, I loved the iPhone 6s and what it had to offer – but I had an iPhone 6 that felt like it was basically the same phone, give or take a few options. After watching Apple’s introduction to the new iPhone 7 and saw ALL that it had to offer, I was SOLD.

Here’s the deal. I use my Apple iPhone at least 12 hours of the day. I work, on my phone. I keep in touch with my kids, on my phone. I relax, on my phone. I cook dinner, on my phone – well not really – but most nights I am looking for recipe ideas or dinner suggestions.

My phone is my assistant and after seeing what the iPhone 7 had to offer – my iPhone 6 assistant was replaced.

apple iphone 7 plus
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iPhone 6 vs iPhone 7

  • Waterproof – This is YUGE!
  • Awesome battery life – and the iPhone 7 charges 2x as fast as my iPhone 6
  • WOAH CAMERAS! (All 3!)
  • Vivid color display
  • New stereo speaker system
  • Lightning earphones – okay some people are hating on this, but I actually love this new evolution. I can’t wait for the Air Pods – and yes, I have already mentally lost one of them.
  • Faster LTE

Remember, when you use a device for half of your day – literally, with these improvements I’m sure to up my game. (Panda Pop is going to be awesome in vivid color AND on a bigger screen.)

Apple iPhone 6 to Apple iPhone 7 Plus

When the iPhone 6 came out – I laughed at the 6 plus. It was massive, totally wouldn’t fit in my pocket and just no. Fast forward 2 years, Apple releases the iPhone 7 plus – and BOOM – I bought it. 128 gigs, gold – it will be here next week. So why the change of heart?

I still think the size is ridiculous, but over the last 2 years since my husband left Apple for Android – I’ve fiddled around on his Galaxy Note and feel a little more comfortable with the idea of owning a fablet. That said, the MAIN reason I went for the iPhone 7 Plus – that camera.

Cnet writes about it here – here’s a teaser:

Dual cameras

The two-camera-module implementations are a form of computational photography, which is using in-device algorithms to do what cost and size constraints prevent from being done with a single sensor and lens.

It’s been used as far back as the introduction of automatic panorama stitching, and includes popular multi-shot capabilities like auto HDR. So dual-camera systems are just another step in a long line of updates that, taken to its throw-more-cameras-at-the-problem extreme, looks something likeLight’s 16-camera-module approach.

Apple’s dual-camera implementation doesn’t look like golden awesomeness, but it does seem pretty good; the only computational aspect of the system is the background defocus it will be able to perform once the software’s updated (see depth of field below). The phone’s got one 12-megapixel camera with a 28mm f1.8 lens and a 12-megapixel camera with a 56mm f2.8 lens.

September 16 can’t arrive soon enough. Anxious to get to play with the new iPhone 7 Plus – hands out. I’ve already ordered my iPhone 7 case, have you? Check out our recommendations: Best iPhone 7 Cases (we’ve included iPhone 7 Plus cases, too!)

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