Have You Seen These Apple iOS 7 Design Updates?

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Apple iOS 7 is a complete redesign of the operating system. With the redesign comes many design changes. Let’s look at some of the iOS 7 design updates.  Apple is set to release Apple iOS 7 on September 18, 2013.

Apple ios 7 design updates

iOS 7 Design Details

Let’s get into the design details of Apple iOS 7.

apple ios7 design

Flat Graphic Design

Since Apple iOS 7 is a complete redesign, several changes in the design components will stand out.  In iOS 7 – the graphic design is more flat. The UI itself is not flat, but rather a multi-plane 2.5D zooming user interface. But you will notice a lack of bevel that was so apparent in previous Apple operating systems.

Apple iOS 7 Font

The official Apple iOS 7 font is using Helvetica Neue.  Originally, Helvetica Neue Lt was used in iOS 7 Beta, but Apple heard the cries of it’s people and updated the font to the bolder version of Helvetica Neue.

helvetica neue  ios 7 font

iOS 7 Color Palette

Here is the iOS 7 color palette. A drastic difference from iOS 6. SO much cheerier and bright.

apple ios7 colors

Color Inspiration

What is the inspiration for the color palette?

ios7 color inspiration

The Fox is Black suggests that the new color scheme for iOS 7 is from the original 1977 Apple logo, designed by Rob Janoff. Could this be the inspiration? Possibly!

WWSJD – What Would Steve Jobs Do?

What would steve jobs do?

So like anything since the untimely death of Steve Jobs – the question about iOS 7 that remains is what would Steve Jobs do – or WWSJD? Everything is just so pretty, and of course in typical Apple style clean and functional. Do you think Steve Jobs would approve?

What Are Your Thoughts on the New Apple iOS7 Design?