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Angry Birds Space Takes Flight!

Angry Birds Space is touted as the sequel to the original Angry Birds game. The original game launched 2 years, 3 months and 5 days before Angry Birds Space.

angry birds space

Introducing Angry Birds Space

We are excited to introduce you to the latest part of the Angry Bird franchise, Angry Birds Space!  Here are all the deets that we know. 

When Does Angry Birds Space Release?

Angry Birds Space will release on March 22nd on iOS, Android, Mac and PC.

Meet the New Angry Birds Space – 6 New Birds!

With the newest version, we are introduced to 6 new Angry Birds and learn what each of them do.


Red is the leader of the Angry Birds and is unstoppable.

He can use his goggles to bring up a view called sling scope – that allows him to see the best flight path that will cause the most destruction!

Lazer Bird

Red’s best friend is Lazer Bird. He’s a practical joker, impatient but has EXTREME speed. Lazer Bird was previously known as the yellow bird.

When to use Lazer Bird for? – He’s FAST – if you are in trouble use him.

The Blues

The Blues are known for getting into trouble. Their special powers are destroying ice.

When to use the Blues?

The Blues are best used in the inky black where the temperature is COLD (think just above absolute zero).

Ice Bird

Ice bird is well – an ice cube with a beak! He is an extraterrestrial who can freeze enemies solid!  He wants to save his home planet from the pigs.

When to use Ice Bird?

Use him to freeze the enemy!

The Incredible Terence

Terrence is more of a wrecking machine. He will crush and destroy any structure or pig in his path. Terrence is erratic and powerful.

When to use Terrence?

Use terrence to destroy and structure or pig.


Bomb is volatile and can explode His super power is called heat shock wave.

When to use Bomb?

Use his heat shock wave to incinerate any combustible material.

There is a hint that the recapturing the Eggsteroid, an object that acts are the games mysterious goal.

Things to Know About the Angry Birds Space Pigs

Small and Medium Pigs

These are the foot soldiers and don’t offer much resistance to the Angry Birds.

Major Pig

With a stone brain bucket on their heads – the armored Major Pig stands guard at Pig Fortress in previous games. He is tougher than the small and medium pigs.

Moustache Pig

The Moustache Pig serves as the right hand of the Space King. He is old, grumpy and also one of the toughest in the game.

Space King

The Space King is the real leader of the pigs. He is strong, greedy and hungry. He had the original idea to steal the eggs from the birds in previous games – in Angry Birds Space, he feeds the reprehensible Fat Pig.

Fat Pig

Fat Pig is a ravenous and disgusting new enemy for the Angry Birds. He slowly combs the universe looking for comic sustenance to increase his size.

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