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Angry Birds Seasons Easter App is Egg-Cellent!

Angry Birds Seasons Easter edition is here! 

Spring is in the air, and you know what that means—it’s time to celebrate Easter in style! Forget about traditional egg hunts and chocolate bunnies for a moment because Angry Birds Seasons is here to bring the festive spirit to your mobile devices.

Angry Birds Seasons Easter Edition

Get ready for an egg-cellent gaming experience that will have you and your loved ones cracking up with laughter.

angry birds seasons easter app update
angry birds seasons easter app update

Rovio has released a new Easter-themed update to Angry Birds Seasons for iOS and Android. The update includes 15 new levels, 3 bonus levels, and at least 10 Golden Eggs.

Just as the Easter bunny is about to make his rounds, hopping from one house to another, Rovio left us an early Easter present. Angry Birds Seasons Easter Edition!

The new levels are all themed around Easter, with springtime decorations, chocolate eggs, and Easter bunnies. The bonus levels are unlocked by clicking the “T” for Twitter icon in the main menu.

The Golden Eggs are hidden throughout the levels, and finding them all will unlock a special “Big Egg” bonus level.

The update also includes some minor changes, such as the Golden Egg levels being numbered and the Bing search integration being removed.

The Angry Birds Seasons Easter update is free for all players. To download it, simply open the App Store or Google Play and search for “Angry Birds Seasons.”

The Angry Bird Seasons app is a seasonal app that changes with the season. With Easter right around the corner, it’s Angry Birds Easter time. 

Update Your App

This new update from Rovio is available on all platforms that Angry Birds runs on. So update your app people!

Angry Birds Seasons Easter Update

The Angry Birds Seasons Easter update is jam-packed with new levels, bonus challenges, and those elusive Golden Eggs that will keep you entertained for hours on end. So why wait? Grab your virtual slingshot and join the feathery frenzy today!

  1. An Eggs-traordinary Easter Experience: The Angry Birds Seasons Easter update is the ultimate treat for fans of the feisty fowls. This time, they’ve dressed up in their bunny costumes, ready to catapult into action and save the holiday spirit. With charming Easter-themed graphics and catchy tunes, this update will instantly put a smile on your face. It’s like an Easter egg hunt combined with high-flying adventure!
  2. Crack Open New Levels: Who needs traditional egg hunts when you can embark on egg-citing adventures with Angry Birds? The Easter update brings a batch of fresh levels that will test your slingshot skills and strategic thinking. From vibrant spring gardens to colorful egg-filled landscapes, each level is a visual delight. Prepare to face off against those mischievous piggies, but this time with an egg-ceptional Easter twist!
  3. Bonus Challenges to Keep You Egg-static: In addition to the regular levels, the Angry Birds Seasons Easter update offers bonus challenges that will keep you hooked. These egg-stra special levels present unique gameplay mechanics and creative puzzles to solve. You’ll be hatching clever strategies and aiming for those coveted three-star ratings in no time. Can you master the art of egg demolition and come out on top?
  4. The Quest for Golden Eggs: Ah, the Golden Eggs—the stuff of legends in the Angry Birds universe. They’re hidden throughout the game, waiting for skilled players like you to discover their secret locations. These shiny treasures unlock special content and bonuses, adding an extra layer of excitement to your Easter adventure. So keep your eyes peeled, tap into your inner detective, and hunt down those Golden Eggs. The satisfaction of finding them is egg-ceptionally rewarding!

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