Angry Birds & Evil Green Pigs Nail Art – Tutorial

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Hey Angry Birds fans, here is a way to totally show your love for the game. Get your nail art on Angry Birds style. 

Angry Birds Nail Art Tutorial

Create your own Angry Birds nail art quick and simple with these easy to follow nail art tutorials.

angry birds nail art

My 8-year-old is going to love this! She adores playing Angry Birds and this simple nail art technique will be easy to do on her little nails.  Make your nails into Angry Birds with this Angry Birds nail art design tutorial.

See how easy it is? Now check out the evil green pigs nails!

Evil Green Pigs Nail Art How To

If you are going to show how to do the Angry Birds nail art, you must show how to make your nails into evil green pigs as well! 

evil green pigs nail art

If you are ok with the green pigs, here is how you can get your nails done just like them. This simple nail art tutorial shows you exactly how to go from plain boring nails to crazy Evil Green Pigs nails!

There you have it. Hard core Angry Bird fans, I want to see your Angry Birds nail art! Submit a photo on our Facebook timeline, we cannot wait to see! 

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