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Angry Birds Game – The Game That Won’t Stop Selling

Angry Birds Game – STILL On The Rise!

FOR THE LOVE OF ANGRY BIRDS! So if you run in circles where your friends carry iPhones… there is a VERY highly likely chance that you hear about the game Angry Birds.

Angry Birds Things

Here is why.

The Angry Birds game is HOT. As in H-O-T. How HOT? Check out these stats:

  • Angry Birds is downloaded approximately 60,000 times a day.
  • Rovio has sold more than 6.5 MILLION copies of the iPhone game on the app store since December.
  • The iPad version – Angry Birds HD has been downloaded more than 200,000 times – at a cost of $4.99

Angry Birds is currently available on the iPhone, iPad and Nokia N900. Rovio will be launching Angry Birds for Palm later this week and Angry Birds for Android in the very near future. So this number of downloads (and purchases) will only grow.

How Much Does Angry Bird Cost?

Angry Birds has both a lite, paid and HD version of the game.

Here is the price break down:

  • Angry Birds Game Lite: FREE
  • Angry Birds Game for the iPhone: 99 cents
  • Angry Birds Game HD for the iPad: $4.99
  • Angry Birds Game for Nokia N900: The first 21 levels are FREE — once you complete that, download level pack 1 (42 levels) – $1.99


Do the math. Even with Apple’s 30% share of the revenue – Rovio, the makers of Angry Birds is making a TON of money.

What’s Next for Angry Birds?

As mentioned earlier, Angry Birds will next release on Palm and then Android. With the amount of Androids in the market – this is a natural evolution for the Angry Birds App. Rovio has also mentioned to looking at other platform to move the game to. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Angry Birds for the Nintendo DS before long.

Words With Friends – Watch & Learn

Maybe New Toy, the creators of Words With Friends will take note. There is money to be made outside of the OSx market. Consider moving the Words With Friends app to Android and beyond. I know my husband would appreciate it!