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All Things Angry Birds

Angry Birds rose to fame in 2010. I will never forget logging on to my website seeing thousands and thousands of hits – people were all over my Angry Birds Cheats post! I knew right then and there that this thing was going to be huge.

By the time 2015 hit, the Angry Birds game had been downloaded over three billion times collectively. The game hit mass and was just not on the iPhone, but xBox, Android – even on pre-installed on our smart TV!

All Things Angry Birds

From shirts to stuffed animals – sheesh, there was even an Angry Birds Amusement park! Let’s look at the rise of the birds.

Rise of the Angry Birds

Over the years, I tracked the rise of the Angry Birds movement. From a simple iPhone app to a huge movie and merchandise franchise is massive and still growing. Just when I think the trend has finally died, another new something pops up!

I had the privilege of meeting the Angry Birds creator at SXSW. Created by Rovio Entertainment, in Finland – the company has seen crazy success with this game.

Angry Birds Games

The Angry Birds game launched in December of 2009. Since the original app game, Rovio has launched 13 different Angry Bird games and 3 spin-offs! Below is a list of the various games released over the years:

Angry Birds Release History

  • Angry Birds – released December 2009.
  • Angry Birds Seasons – October 2010
  • Angry Birds Rio – released March 2011
  • Angry Birds Friends – released February 2012
  • Angry Birds Space – released March 2012
  • Angry Birds Star Wars – release November 2012
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II – released September 2013
  • Angry Birds GO! – released December 2013
  • Angry Birds Epic – released June 2014
  • Angry Birds Transformers – related October 2014
  • Angry Birds Fight! – released June 2015
  • Angry Birds 2 – released July 2015
  • Angry Birds Action! – released April 2016
  • Angry Birds Blast! – released December 2016

Spin-Off Games

  • Bad Piggies – released September 2012
  • Angry Birds Stella – released September 2014
  • Angry Birds POP! – released March 2015

Netflix Series

The latest from the franchise is the Angry Birds Netflix series. That’s right – and it’s actually entertaining. My kids have watched it many times over!

Angry Birds Blog

Over the years, I’ve written a lot on the Angry Birds topics. From Angry Birds cheats to new releases to crafts, enjoy these posts:

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