All Things Angry Birds

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Angry Birds rose to fame in 2010. I will never forget logging on to my website seeing thousands and thousands of hits – people were all over my Angry Birds Cheats post! I knew right then and there that this Angry Birds thing was going to be huge.

By the time 2015 hit, the Angry Birds game had been downloaded over three billion times collectively. The game hit mass and was just not on the iPhone, but xBox, Android – even on pre-installed on our smart TV! 

All Things Angry Birds

From shirts to stuffed animals – sheesh, there was even an Angry Birds Amusement park! Let’s look at the rise of the birds.

Rise of the Angry Birds

Over the years, I tracked the rise of the Angry Birds movement. From a simple iPhone app to a huge movie and merchandise franchise – Angry Birds is massive and still growing. Just when I think the trend has finally died, another new something pops up!

I had the privilege of meeting the Angry Birds creator at SXSW. Created by Rovio Entertainment, in Finland – the company has seen crazy success with this game. 

Angry Birds Games

The Angry Birds game launched in December of 2009. Since the original app game, Rovio has launched 13 different Angry Bird games and 3 spin-offs! Below is a list of the various Angry Birds games released over the years:

Angry Birds Release History

  • Angry Birds – released December 2009.
  • Angry Birds Seasons – October 2010
  • Angry Birds Rio – released March 2011
  • Angry Birds Friends – released February 2012
  • Angry Birds Space – released March 2012
  • Angry Birds Star Wars – release November 2012
  • Angry Birds Star Wars II – released September 2013
  • Angry Birds GO! – released December 2013
  • Angry Birds Epic – released June 2014
  • Angry Birds Transformers – related October 2014
  • Angry Birds Fight! – released June 2015
  • Angry Birds 2 – released July 2015
  • Angry Birds Action! – released April 2016
  • Angry Birds Blast! – released December 2016

Spin-Off Games

  • Bad Piggies – released September 2012
  • Angry Birds Stella – released September 2014
  • Angry Birds POP! – released March 2015


Angry Birds Trilogy – released 2012

Netflix Series

The latest from the franchise is the Angry Birds Netflix series. That’s right – and it’s actually entertaining. My kids have watched it many times over!

Angry Birds Blog

Over the years, I’ve written a lot on the Angry Birds topics. From Angry Birds cheats to new releases to crafts

Samsung ES8000 – It’s Not Just For Adults!

smart tv for kids

Samsung ES8000 Smart TV Review

The Samsung ES8000 Smart TV was designed with the family in mind!  In addition to the great features for adults - there was special attention given to creating elements for kids.

With kids ages 9, 7, 2 and 1 - each have varied tastes, but Samsung has thought about everyone when creating this TV.

Your Samsung smart TV will come preloaded with multiple options for entertaining and educating the kids. Check out the Kids icon on your Smart Hub. Don't think those are your only options! By accessing the Samsung apps, your ES8000 will give you endless options for entertaining your children with both educational and fun programs, games, apps and eBooks. While some apps do cost money, the majority of the apps that we use (and list below) are FREE!

Here is What the Kids are Loving on our Samsung ES8000 Smart TVsmart tv

Angry Birds on Samsung

Yes, the Angry Birds have landed! You can play the original game using motion controls. Our older kids are in love. Make sure to check out Angry Birds Saturday and learn how you can enter to win a Samsung TV of your very own!

eBooks on the Samsung Smart TV

We found the free eBooks app, Word World in the Samsung apps.  Word World features a dozen or so free eBook titles.  Our 2 year old, Izaiah is absolutely obsessed with birthdays - so he is partial to Happy Birthday, Dog! and The Rainbow Birthday Cake. 

The eBooks offer easy navigation, play option that highlights the words as they are read and cute simple interactions of the character.  The books focus on several educational aspects including reading, speaking and spelling.


The app that is used most would have to be Netflix and now that the kids can watch it on the TV rather than a phone or tablet, they are obsessed.

It's Not Just for Adults!

Other kid apps on the Samsung ES8000 that we are loving include Color Land (teach your kids colors), Dino Adventure (learn about Dinosaurs) and Word Puzzle (which helps teach kids how to spell).

So don't just think that the TV will be great for watching sports. It has something for every member of the family - and as I have said before, it's so much more than a TV!

A special thanks to Samsung TV for sponsoring this campaign.  Check out the Samsung ES8000 Smart TV (it is amazing! - did I tell you Pandora is an app? Yes, I have Adele singing thru my house most of the day.)


Angry Birds Crochet Patterns DISCONTINUED… BOO!

Angry Birds Crochet Patterns

While the world is busy downloading and loving Angry Birds, is Rovio going after small businesses for creating Angry Birds products?  I sure hope not!  Thanks to a heads up from a lovely reader - today I learned that the Angry Birds Crochet Patterns by the lovely Itsy Bitsy Spider have been DISCONTINUED.

Angry Birds Crochet Patterns


It was a lot of fun while it lasted. I got to know people from all over the world and I got to share my patterns in a way that made people happy. But it's over.

On Tuesday, I was asked to stop selling the Angry Birds patterns. I cannot get into the details, but suffice it to say that I stand to lose more than just my business if I continue.

The patterns have been pulled from Etsy and pattern sales have been deactivated on Ravelry. They will not be re-listed or re-activated.  -- Read Full Post

While details were not given as to why these patterns were asked to not be sold - I sure hope it wasn't anything to do with Rovio. The passion of Angry Birds fans are obviously huge and massive. Embrace you audience, don't shun them! This is the mark of true success when your product hits a level where people are CROCHETING your birds. To poo poo a small business is sad.

Continue to support Itsy Bitsy Spider Crochet - even if they aren't able to sell the Angry Birds Crochet Pattens. Check out these ADORABLE finger monster crochet patterns.

floyd fingermonster

Support small businesses!