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Amy Pohler Gives 14 Year Old Makeup Advice

amy pohler dishes makeup advice to 14 year old

And this is where Amy Pohler proves that she is just down right awesome. 

Amy Pohler is a part of the team at Smart Girls Channel on YouTube. This week Amy was asked for advice from a 14 year old who wants to wear make-up but her dad won’t let her. Amy, in her down to Earth style delivers words of wisdom to the 14 year old. She’s laying in bed, in yoga pants – casual and dishes her smarts with wit and charm. Amy tells the girl that she is pretty and how she understand what it’s like to be left out. She gives great advice on the art of compromise.

Do you have a 14 year old who is wanting to wear makeup? I have a 9 year old who does!

Watch Amy Pohler Dish Advice on Makeup

I just can’t get over how sane her words are, they make so much sense. Hopefully when I am dealing with situations, I can be as cool of a mom as Amy Pohler. Most likely not, but hey – a mom can dream. Filing this under how to be a good parent.

What Advice Would You Give a 14 Year Old Who Wants to Wear Makeup?