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American Airlines iPhone App – Digital Mom Reviews

If you travel on American Airlines, make sure that you have downloaded the AA app!

American Airlines iPhone App Review

Best of American Airlines iPhone App:

As someone who travels about once a month for work (read our travel tips for working moms), and as someone who is NOT organized, and as someone who is typically uhmm forgetful (hey I am HONEST people) – the American Airlines iPhone App is a GODSEND.

Digital / Paperless Boarding Pass

Yep,  a digital boarding pass  (paperless boarding pass). What does this mean? It means Molly doesn’t have to print out the boarding pass before I get to the airport. It means that I don’t have to have copy paper, or printer ink – BOTH which seem to be someone I don’t have whenever I need to print a boarding pass.

When you get to the TSA security check, pull out your driver’s license or ID and pull up the digital board pass via the iPhone app.  The security agent can show you where to scan your boarding pass – typically right next to their stand.

My Flights – Complete American Airline Flights Schedule

Again, I mentioned the lack of organization. Knowing when I am flying where, as someone who just tends to book flights as trips come up – the American Airlines iPhone app keeps my flights all organized. I can view all upcoming flights with a click of a button “My Flights”.

Check In – YES Please.

Checking in early is easy peasy.  All I need to do now is 24 hours or whenever your flight is available for check-in – visit the iPhone app, choose your trip and push “check in”.  Where’s that easy button – “that was easy.”

Parking Reminders

Yes, you read it right.  How many times have you forgotten where you parked at the airport? The American Airlines iPhone app has a feature to take a photo of the location of your car. I fly out of DFW people, parking is insane.

AA Sudoko

Bored while waiting for your plane to load? American Airlines has loaded Sudoko onto the app to keep you entertained during your down times.

Up-to-Date Flight Schedules and Status Information

Gate Information, flight schedule changes and more all thru the app.

I’m sure there is a plethora of other benefits in this handy dandy free iPhone app from American Airlines.  Whether you are an occasional or hard core traveler on AA – download the American Airlines App and give it a whirl.

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