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Aceable: Teaching Drivers Ed With an App

Thanks to Aceable app for sponsoring this post. 

I remember being 15 years-old, so excited to get my drivers permit – except there was one problem: Drivers Ed. My parents enrolled me in class, but between work, school and needing to bum a ride to drivers ed class – it took me over a year to complete. What a PAIN!

In a few year’s my tween will be wanting to get her permit (we hear about this daily). Now a days, learning how to drive is a whole new ball game! Gone are the days of the classroom – Texas drivers can now do drivers ed with an app!

drivers ed app

Introducing Aceable. Aceable is a Texas DPS-approved mobile app for driver‘s ed that makes learning how to drive safe and easy. With their drivers ed app, students can fulfill their 32 hour driver’s ed requirement whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them – like over winter break! Don’t worry, the app has a convenient parent monitoring tool that lets you keep up with your teens progress along the way.
Aceable Drivers Ed App

How does the Aceable drivers ed app compare to classroom education and web-based courses? With Aceable, you can learn anytime, anywhere.  There is engaging, story-based content.  With free in-app parent progress monitoring, you always know where your teen is in the program. Tools for behind-the-wheel teaching are built into the app.  Also included, are study tools to ensure your teen passes their test.

Aceable Drivers Ed App

Parent taught drivers ed was something I never knew existed! I have a few friends with kids at this age that filled me in on the details. Aceable’s course is approved by State of Texas and is extremely affordable. Aceable usually costs $99.99, but it’s 20% off this month for the holidays making it $79.99 which is significantly more affordable than classroom drivers ed that can run from $300-$2,000! It is available on any iOS device and will be available on Android in the New Year.

Getting Started in 4 Steps

Here are 4 easy steps to get your teen started with Aceable:

1. Download the app.

2. Create an account.

3. Purchase the course (currently on sale!)

4. Begin monitoring your teen’s progress.

After your student completes the Aceable course, a certificate and all the information needed for their next steps with the Texas DPS will be provided.

Aceable Drivers Ed AppHow easy is THAT? No hauling your kid to class. No outrageous costs. Your teen will learn thru an app, they are on their phone all day anyways – might as well use that screen time for good use, right? If you have a teen learning to drive in Texas, definitely check out Aceable!

Thank you Aceable for sponsoring this conversation.

P.S. I loved this post, Parent Taught Drivers Ed: Why Teaching Your Kid Is Worth The Effort – great food for thought.

Drivers ED – there’s an app for that.

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