ABC Mouse Review

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I saw a commercial for ABC Mouse ( and the marketer and the mom in my head went off.

This company is smart. Marketing to us mothers who want their children to learn on daytime TV. 

abc mouse review
ABCMouse Review

ABC Mouse Review

Here our ABC Mouse Review – from a mom’s perspective. I have 2 toddlers, and keeping toddlers busy is a priority. BONUS if you can educate them along the way! Here are our thoughts on

Fast forward and my toddlers were home for the day and this mom had a work deadline. The iPads were dead. The boys are not really into TV. I went upstairs to where the boys and the computer are and started searching for websites. While there are numerous websites for kids, I just wanted something with some educational bend. Leave it to Google to bring me to ABC Mouse.

ABC Mouse for Free – 30 Days!

The boys LOVED the site and it kept Izaiah, my hyper toddler occupied for half an hour. HALF AN HOUR. The only reason he stopped playing was because he had carried the keyboard downstairs because he wanted to show me something.

You can try ABC Mouse – your first month is free!  Click here and use our affiliate link. 

While the original intent was for my toddlers, the older kids have been to known to play on it as well (ABC Mouse). They have learned that if they are doing something educational on the computer, mom doesn’t care that they are on the computer (UNLESS it’s at 3 am.  Don’t get me started about that story right now!)

Overview of Kids Online Activities

Here is a snap shot of the activities that ABC Mouse offers. As you can see there are numerous options. On the right, you can see where you can select the child that is playing. Make sure you check the right child as your kid’s progress is tracked so that you can see where they are.

abc mouse home
ABC Mouse for Toddlers – Games and Education

Our kids love the songs and the games.  This is just your landing page. To the left you will see: Classroom, About Me, Map, Farm, Zoo and Basics. These are additional sections that allow your toddler to dive into various online activities.

As your child does various online activities, they will earn tickets. Yep, just like Chuck E. Cheese TICKETS! And they get to go shopping online too – but first they have to earn them!

Child Account Setup

This is your child’s account page. They aren’t able to change their password, but they can see their stats, lessons, etc.

about me abc mouse

But again, TICKETS most likely will be their favorite thing about this site.

ABC Mouse Games

map of ABC mouse games

This is the ABC Mouse Map featuring the ABCmouse games. As you can see, there are various options for your toddler to explore in the map.



Here is the Farm. The farmer greets your child and allows them to choose if they want to see the animals or play Farm ABC Mouse games and activities.

ABCMouse Zoo

At the ABCMouse Zoo, you are greeted by a zoo keeper who invites your child into the zoo by clicking the sign.

abcmouse zoo toddler screen shot
Toddlers can enjoy the ABCMouse Zoo

Then your child is asked if they want to see animals or play Zoo ABC Mouse  games and activities.


basics of abc mouse - alphabet word families sight words books abc mouse for toddlers
ABC Mouse for Toddlers

Basics allow your kids to work with different letters, work with word families, sight words and books.

Parents Section

abc mouse parents section

ABC Mouse offers a Parent Section that shows you where each of your children’s progress on the ABC Mouse website as well as your child’s settings.  In addition, there is a parenting blog that offers content such as holiday activities, information on the latest from ABC Mouse and more.

Is ABCMouse Worth It for Toddlers

When I spent money on a product, I like hearing from a mom her thoughts on a product. So consider this your mom review of

ABC Mouse is the only website that we have a subscription for. If I am going to let my toddlers sit in front of the computer, I want them to be learning and ABC Mouse does it through entertaining lessons. That is worth my $7.99 a month.