How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos in Under a Minute!

How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos in Under a Minute!

Have you ever needed to download Instagram photos or videos? Last year, my youngest son needed to do a poster board for school of his life. Sorry kid, you were born in 2011 therefore the majority of your life has been placed on Instagram and I the photo back-ups are on some hard drive in the attic.  Thankfully I found a solution, so super easy too!

How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos in Less Than a Minute!

Download Instagram Photos and Videos

Are you ready for this simplicity? For real, so simple. To download Instagram photos or videos – first thing you will need is the URL of the Instagram photos or videos. Let’s use this Instagram pic. I actually need it for a blog post, so perfect!


The URL is Copy the Instagram photo or video URL. 

Now here is where the magic happens.


The DownloadGram website has ONE purpose. It’s purpose is to download to you the Instagram photo or video that you want. 

Go to and paste the Instagram url here: 

download instagram videos

Click the Download button. 

Then a Download Image button appears. Click that. 

That’s it! Your Instagram photo or video will download and you forever have a copy of YOUR photo. 

download instagram photos and videos

Come on Instagram, Give Us a Download Option!

So this is a major annoyance of Instagram. I love me some Instagram. I quit Snapchat because Insta-stories. I’ve accepted that Facebook now owns them. But one thing I just don’t get is why there isn’t an easier option for us Insta users to download our photos. 

As much as some things on Facebook annoy me, they will let you have your data. Same thing with Google. They aren’t locking it up in some crazy code like Instagram does. Seriously, have you ever tried downloading your image off of Instagram? You would think you could just go to your profile, right-click and save. NOPE. 

There is a way to dig into the code and find the image (not obvious!) but come on! Thankful for simple tools that just do the job like DownloadGram.

I found my first post on the Instagram app, get this on November 10, 2010 – it had just launched publicly a few weeks before. Back before the Facebook purchase, hell wasn’t even on Android yet! Time changes everything, but still obsessed with this app. 

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Why My Tween No Longer is Allowed to Use Instagram

Why My Tween No Longer is Allowed to Use Instagram

Continuing our Kids and Technology series: Instagram is a popular photo sharing social app. We originally let our tween get an account – read on to learn why she no longer is able to use it.

I’ve been on Instagram since the beginning. I love the personal aspect of sharing photos. It’s replaced my previous photo sharing site Flickr (yes, I should back up my photos there more, but anywhoo…) The ease of taking a photo, choosing a fun filter and sharing with new friends and old = FUN. Of course my family is on there, so when my daughter, then 10 wanted to create an Instagram account – I thought what’s the harm, if I make it private…. WRONG!

Instagram Rules for My Tween

What started out as something innocent, soon became something I realized she was just not ready for. With the world today, we had a heart to heart with our daughter about what to share online and what not to share online. What photos to take and what photos to take and share. There would be no bikini or swim suit photos. No pajama photos. No embarrassing your brother photos. She would use Instagram to keep connected with her family and a few friends that we knew. The rules were set. Here, use your iPod touch or the iPad – but remember the rules. 

So, I setup her account on Instagram for her. I told a few family members who had Instagram to friend her (and to let me know ASAP if anything inappropriate was going on!) Her account was open and all seemed fine and well for the first month or so. Or so I thought.

One day I grabbed her iPod to do something and went on Instagram. WOAH. Her follower count was in the hundreds. How did that happen when her account is private?   Her profile photo was of her. For some reason, people were wanting to follow and she was letting them. The followers – well there were several guys who were no where near her age. And then older girls, which had me curious to if these were really older girls or older guys posing as girls. None the less – this was defeating the purpose of her having a private account.
Tweens on Instagram


Technically, she had not done anything wrong. She hadn’t broken the rules – so I wasn’t going to punish her for breaking the rules when she didn’t. New plan, we created a new account – with new instruction – if a friend wants to follow you – I’ll be the only one to approve friends. Deal? DEAL!

This plan went well. No weirdos friending my 10 year old. She had a private account. Well – then I walked by her one day and saw her surfing Instagram. She was looking at the POPULAR feed. Have you ever looked at the popular feed? Some of those Instagram photos are quite risqué. At that moment, my mom alarm set off. This isn’t something she needs. I had totally not thought about this element at Instagram, because quite honestly I had never looked at it and never in my mind thought that she would be exposed to anything out of her maturity level .


Sorry kid, because of this I just can’t let you on Instagram. I’m sorry your friends have it. I’m sorry I initially let you on it, but sweetie – you are 10 (then) and your mind is just not ready for this and you don’t need to be exposed to this much of the world quite yet. When you are 13, we will talk about this again.

I know she is upset. She loved the platform, and well we caught her on it a few times too many after telling her no. Unfortunately, she just isn’t old enough or mature enough to handle it.

Disclaimer: If your tween is on Instagram, I totally am not judging your parenting! For us, it was just too much too soon — unfortunately.

I do admit, I miss her pics in my feed. Tweens are quite entertaining in photos.  See example a and example b:



What Are Your Thoughts on Instagram and Tweens?

How to Embed Instagram Video Into a Blog Post

How to Embed Instagram Video Into a Blog Post

So you want to embed Instagram video into a blog post – let me show you how!

Put an Instagram Video Into a Blog Post

put instagram video into blog post

Revised: 7/10/13 with new Instagram update

Instagram announced that there is now a built in share feature allowing you to easily embed Instagram video and Instagram photos into your web pages and blog posts!

How to Embed Instagram Photos

Go to your web profile page – note: if you have a private account, you cannot embed photos or videos from Instagram until you make your account public.

Here is an example of a web profile page:

Click on the photo or video you want to embed.  On the right side under the heart, you will see a share button. Click that button and copy the code into the HTML on your blog post or web page.

How to Embed Instagram Video

Here is my embedded Instagram video!

Something to note: when you are previewing there’s a chance that your video or photo won’t show until you hit publish.

That’s it! This is a new update as of July 10, 2013 — if you want to do more work, continue reading….

This is the orignal technique for embedding Instagram videos into blog posts ->

First you want to grab the code for the Instagram video.  Here is how you can find the code.

Visit Instagram Profile Page

Visit the Instagram page of the video you want to embed.  For this example, I will be using my own Instagram page:

how to embed instagram video

Click Instagram Video

Click on the video you want to embed – a page with the video and comments will show.

Visit Instagram Video Page of Selected Video

View Page Source

Right click and get to the menu where you can view page source.

View Instagram Page Source

Copy Instagram MP4 Code

From the page source page – you will be looking for a line of code similar to this:

<meta property=”og:type” content=”video” /> <meta property=”og:video” content=”

The URL after the content=” that ends with .mp4 is what you will want to grab.  Copy that URL.

embed this instagram video mp4 code

Add Code to Blog Post

Next, go to your blog post that you are wanting to Instagram video to be embedded into and paste the following into your TEXT screen (where you drop HTML – this will not work on VISUAL!) — replace the INSERTYOURURLHERE – with the url you have copied featuring the .MP4

<iframe src=”INSERTYOURURLHERE” height=”380″ frameborder=”0″></iframe>

You can adjust the height, or also add a width =”xx” if you’d like.  Whatever makes your face smile.

There you have it – that is how you embed an Instagram video into a blog post.  This will also work with a standard HTML page – I personally use WordPress, not 100% if this will work for Blogger .

Putting Instagram video in blog post

Easy Embed

Let’s hope that in future releases, Instagram video is easy to embed – like it is in now with video from Vine.

I tested this out with an iPhone and the video shows – woohoo!

Here is my first Instagram Video – Embedded Using the Instructions Above!

YES, it auto plays – unfortunately it will do that since I can’t control the MP4. Thankfully Instagram has a built-in embed feature now!
Side Note: When embedding with an iFrame – the video will NOT show in preview – only when the URL is full published… This tidbit may save you a headache.

Instagram for Android is HERE

Instagram for Android is HERE

instagram for android

Instagram for Android is Here!

Android users, your day has come! Instagram for Android has arrived and it’s sure to knock your socks off! My favorite app that was only for iPhone is now out for Android!

Android Instagram App

instagram for android is here

instagram for android is here

Today, we’re excited to bring you Instagram for AndroidTM. We’ve already seen more than 30 million people join Instagram to create and share beautiful photos on their iOS devices, and now we’re thrilled to offer a way for Android users to join their iOS friends on Instagram to share their photos with the world.

We’ve been working tirelessly to make this new Android app a first-class mobile photo-sharing experience. We’ve been meticulous about translating the Instagram experience to the Android platform. The Android app offers an extremely familiar Instagram experience when compared to the iOS app. You’ll find all the same exact filters and community as our iOS version.

For the over 30 million people already using Instagram, this is a big step forward for the community as a whole. When we started working on Instagram, we tried to imagine what the world would be like if every single person on earth could share the world around them through the lens on their phones. With the release of Instagram for Android, we’re one step closer to making that goal a reality. Now, more of your friends and family can share their lives, and follow yours, through a series of beautiful images.

We’re so excited to welcome Android users to what has become an inspiring and thriving community. We’ve worked hard to bring you the best photo-sharing experience on Android, and look forward to seeing your photos and hearing your feedback. Enjoy! –

As mentioned, just 2 weeks ago – the Instagram team announced that Instagram for Android was coming VERY soon. Also was mentioned how fabulous of an app this ended up being.

I’ve been an Instagram user since the early months and it’s an app I use daily. The community is fabulous with just iPhone users, and I can’t wait to see it EXPLODE now that the Android Instagram App is out!

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Instagram for Android Download -> Click Here

Instagram Stats – Huge Growth Projected for 2012

Instagram Stats – Huge Growth Projected for 2012

instagram stats

instagram infograph with stats

Our favorite mobile photo social app – Instagram is set for a huge year in 2012.

Not only are they in the works on an Android application (yes, Instagram on Android!) – there membership has increased to 15 million in 2011 alone! Insane, can you say the little app that could?

Here are some more interesting facts about the growing Instagram app and community:


  • 1 million: The number of accounts on Jan 1, 2011.
  • 15 million (and counting): The number of accounts on Jan 1, 2012.


  • 3: The average number of photos uploaded per second, one year ago.
  • 60: The average number of photos uploaded per second, today.
  • 400 million: The total number of photos shared on Instagram so far.
  • 51,600+: The most likes on a single photo.

Who’s WHO on Instagram?

Instagram originally housed beloved iPhoneographers and photographers but now it has opened to the masses.

A few of my favorite bloggers’s to follow on Instagram (check out their blogs as well!):

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